Clydesdale Horse Names [Get Idea]

Your Clydesdale Horse deserves to be given a fantastic name. Just like your pets, you can decide to give them a name that suits your preferences. However, if you find the naming process to be an unyielding task, then this article can help you out. In this article, you will find amazing clydesdale horse names.

What are Clydesdale Horses?

Bred in the valley of the Clyde in modern-day Scotland, Clydesdale horses are notable for their large and powerful body structure. They were born in the nineteenth century after the local Scottish horse mated with the imported Flemish breed. They range in different colors such as chestnut, black or brown.

Clydesdale Horses

Although their number fell during the Second World War, efforts have been made to save the breed from extinction. Today, they serve different purposes.  From being used as an agricultural mechanism to carriage horses, this breed remains significant among the horse races.

Tips to Consider for your Clydesdale Horse Names

Different tips enable you to make decisions when considering a name for your Clydesdale horse. Some of them include:

  • Colour – You can give your horse a name by considering its color. It saves you from lots of stress and enables you to make an easy choice. For instance, a horse with black color can be named “Dark Knight”.
  • Mood – The mood a horse exhibits can determine its name. If it is calm to people and other surrounding animals, then you can give it a cool name. However, if it exhibits a warm mood, you may consider giving it a fierce name. The best way of achieving this effectively is by studying the horse’s mood for a few days to a week before naming it.
  • Gender – The gender of the breed often influences its name. For a male horse, you can consider giving it a fierce or badass name. However, a cute or stylish name will be more appropriate for a female breed.
  • Language – You can consider using another language to name your horse. Here, you can select a word in your native language, get the translation in another language, and use it to name your horse.

Top 10 Male Clydesdale Horse Names

Here are some masculine names you can consider for your horse.

  1. Chip – A British word for “fry”. It is easy to pronounce, unique, and sounds brilliant even for a horse.
  2. Glasgow – An ancient city in Scotland. This name is a suitable one for your horse
  3. Scotch – It means a malt whisky. A male horse can bear this name if its mood is usually warm.
  4. Rob – A shortened form of the popular name, Robert which is typical for a horse.
  5. Craig – A male name of Scottish origin. It can be given to a horse.
  6. Harry – From the movie, Harry Potter. Harry is a suitable name for your Clydesdale horse when you think of Harry Potter’s qualities. Qualities such as strength, endurance, perseverance, are good for your horse.
  7. Leo – Leo is one of the zodiac signs. It is ruled by the sun and is suitable for your male Clydesdale horse.
  8. Max – From the notable Scottish mathematician, James Maxwell. Max is a popular name that you can give to your male horse.
  9. Royal – Depicts prestige and honor. You can give your horse this name if you consider it to be prestigious.
  10. Evan – A notable popular name that also suits a horse.

Top 10 Female Clydesdale Horse Names

  1. Ava– The English variant of Eva. Ava is a female name considered for Clydesdale horse irrespective of its color or traits
  2. Cora – From the word, coral. It is a hard substance made from limestone. It suits a female horse.
  3. Brownie – Thanks to the color suggestion it gives, this name can be used for your female brown horse.
  4. Coffee – Coffee is notable. Thanks to its natural brownish color, it suits any female horse of such color.
  5. Leigh – A suitable name for a horse that lives near a meadow. The name fits a horse if it is for agricultural purposes.
  6. Loch – A Scottish word for lake. This suits female horses especially if it is a calm type
  7. Bairn – A Scottish word for baby. This sounds like a cute name for your horse.
  8. Embra – Embra is Scottish slang for Edinburgh, a renowned city in Scotland. It suits your female horse.
  9. Pate – An archaic word for crown. Pate can be given to a female horse to symbolize leadership..


You can name your horse through several tips. As long as the name sounds cool to you, then you are good to go. All you have to do is to ensure that the name is easy to pronounce. However, if you still find it difficult to select from the above-mentioned names, you can consider the tips to select a name that suits your preferences.

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