Celtic Horse Names [Quite a few ideas]

There are a wide number of Celtic names that you can choose from. Do you stare at your horse and quietly wonder which Celtic name would fit? Well, we would help you to narrow down names by helping you make the right choice.

The Celtic people saw horses as animals to be highly revered. They are shown massive respect and care because of the role horses play in the daily activities of Celts and also when fighting wars. For the Celtic society, horses help in transporting both people and goods to their various destinations.

In the Celtic tradition, horses have a religious significance as the people view horses as their protectors. Celtic mythology views horses as a major character as it can be attributed to various gods. Epona is a Celtic god that is often seen as a protector of horses, even the Welsh and Irish tradition contains many references to horses as contained in their mythology and legends.

Based on this peculiar tradition, giving your horse is not only cool but also one that makes you closely linked to the rich mythology of the Celtic people. Most importantly, they have the perfect names that would suit your horse. The Celtic tradition is interested in horses and they have provision for great names.

You can save yourself the time and energy it takes to perform the daunting task of searching for the proper Celtic name. There’s a high chance that you are already yearning for a Celtic name that would suit the personality of your horse and also promote the Celtic culture. What you need is a name that infuses the beautiful nature of your horse into the Celtic language.

Are you ready to discover the perfect name for your giant companion? Continue reading to get all the juicy details you need to pick the right one.

How To Choose The Right Horse Names

There are certain factors that you must carefully consider before choosing a Celtic name for your horse. By considering these factors, you can get the perfect name for your horse from the rich tradition.

How To Choose The Right Horse Names


The breed of your horse determines the central activities that your horse is great at. If your horse is a cold-blooded one, it would have a calm and easygoing personality, however, the hot-blooded ones are fiery breeds. Based on this factor, you can narrow down the names that would truly suit your horse.


The gender of your horse helps you in choosing the proper Celtic name for your horse. Certain names especially in the way they sound while others are masculine based on your horses’ gender.


Horses can be easily named based on their size. If your horse is huge, light, or muscular, these features assist you in picking a suitable name. The size of your horse is mostly determined by the type of breed that the horse comes from.


Horses can have different colors such as bay horse, chestnut, sorrel, dun, palomino, buckskin, paint, appaloosa, and others. Horses can be classified based on their colors which also influence the kind of Celtic names that you can give them.

Here are a few popular Celtic names for your horse classified based on gender:

Top 15 Celtic Male Horse Names

  • Guinness– named after a dry stout in Ireland
  • Patrick– named after a 5th-century missionary in Ireland
  • Houdini– This name is given to a horse that has high tendencies of disappearing
  • Dow– a suitable name for a horse of dark color
  • Finbar– suitable for a horse with white hair
  • Bailey– named after a famous cream-based liquor
  • Niall-it means champion and it fits a male horse
  • Aidan– a perfect name for a horse bursting with energy
  • Maher– it is a great name choice for a generous horse
  • Finley– it refers to a hero with fair hair
  • Caomh– means lovable or kind
  • Fergus– a great name choice for a well-built horse, it means manly and powerful
  • Scanlon– means scandal, suitable for a horse that keeps getting into trouble
  • Cody– means helpful one, this name is gotten from the word “O’Cuidighthigh”
  • Cahir– it means “battle man”, it fits a horse that suits military usage.

Top 15 Celtic Female Horse Names

  • Darby– if your horse was born on the 4th of July, this is a good name choice because it means liberty.
  • Aisling– means “dream”
  • Cathmore– translates to “fighter”
  • Quinn– it is an Irish name that means “wise”
  • Sheahan– gotten from the name, siochain that means “peace”.
  • Daithi– it is a good name choice for a horse that runs fast, it means “swift”
  • Roisin– it translates “little rose”
  • Forba– suitable for a territorial horse, it means “owns the fields”
  • Orla– if your horse acts gracefully, this is a perfect name because it means “golden princess”
  • Shea– means “fortunate”
  • Keely– it simply means “something beautiful”
  • Lorcan– means “little fierce one”
  • Aine– it translates “radiance”, this is the name of the Irish goddess of wealth
  • Molly– it is a suitable name for a mare, it translates “star of the sea”
  • Ailbhe– named after a female warrior

Final Thoughts

As an exceedingly rich tradition, Celtic culture offers you one of the finest names for your horse with significant meanings. Based on the peculiar features and characteristics of your horse, you can choose the perfect name.

We hope that this helped find the name that fits your horse based on its breed, color, size, gender, and even temperament. For more details about horses, explore our page.

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