Badass Horse Names – Male & Female Horse Name Ideas

Naming your horse shows the level of relationship you have created with it. Even though coming up with a badass name can prove difficult, several methods to make the process easy. Giving your horse a badass name gives it an identity that tells even a stranger a lot about it. So, how do you give your horse a badass name? What suggestions are credible when naming your horse? Let’s find out in this article.

Helpful Tips To Consider When Naming Your Horse.

Several helpful tips ensure that you give your horse a name that suits it. Some of them include:

Naming Your Horse

  • Color: You can give your horse a momentous name by considering its color. If you don’t want to use a popular name, you can go for a less-known word that is still related to that color. For instance, crimson can replace red, ash for grey, and more.
  • Breed: The breed of a horse can determine its name. While some horses are large and tall in body structure, others are smaller. Hence, badass names can be utilized for large horses. Breeds such as Friesian, Arab, Morgan, or other larger breeds can be given badass names.
  • Mood: The mood of a horse can also determine its name. Before making this decision, it is essential to study the personality of such a horse before considering its name. Study how the horse interacts with others (humans and other animals) to discover a name that can suit its personality. Only this can make you select a name that fits the horse.
  • History: A owner or trainer can name a horse based on the memories he gives him. A historical name can be used if the horse gives memories that relate to a past event. This method often allows individuals to study the horse’s temperament before selecting any name.
  • Language: You can tweak the language of a certain word to name your horse. For instance, the English word “strong” is “Forte” in French, “Stark” in German, “Aitante” in Italian, and “Fuerte” in Spanish. You can then consider any of this language for your horse or pick another word and translate it to any language of your choice.

Top 15 Badass Horse Names

Badass Horse Names

  1. Hercules – Named after the son of Jupiter and Alcmene. He is a renowned hero notable for his exceptional strength, courage, and valor after completing the twelve (12) labors to redeem his image.
  2. Bolt – Bolt illustrates swiftness or speed. If you have a racehorse that is agile, fast and has a competitive spirit, then this name is a suitable option.
  3. Pegasus – Named after the mythical character called Pegasus. He is a winged horse ridden to defeat the notable enemy, Chimaera.
  4. Maximus – A Latin name for greatest or largest. You can consider giving a horse this name if you have large breeds such as Clydesdale, Percheron, Belgian Draft, or more.
  5. Bones – Bones are one of the structures that make up a body. You can give this name to your horse as it sounds badass.
  6. Valerie – A Latin name for good health and strength. You can give a female horse this name as it is a suitable option.
  7. King Kong – After the movie character, King Kong illustrated strength and endurance. You can give your horse this name if it suits its personality.
  8. Beast – Just as its name implies, a beast implies a creature of superhuman strength. In another context, it depicts an individual who is a superb athlete and very impressive. If your horse exhibits this character, why don’t you name him this?
  9. Bullet – A bullet operates with speed and sometimes achieves accuracy. You can consider giving your horse this name if it has swift speed. Breeds like a thoroughbred horse can be given this name.
  10. Samson – After the biblical, Samson was excessively strong and defeated his foes. You can consider this name for your horse if you believe it is strong and energetic.
  11. Warrior – A warrior can be given to a horse because most horses are strong.
  12. Justice – A state of being fair. Justice sounds like a badass name and can be given to your horse.
  13. Venom – Venom is a suitable name for your horse if its mood is warm or it doesn’t just like to relate to people around him.
  14. Zeus – The Greek god of all gods. You can consider this name for your horse if it exhibits traits of leadership or a ruler.
  15. Hulk – Means a big or excessively muscled individual. If you have a large breed horse, you can consider this name to depict his body structure.


You can name it as it suits your preferences. However, you don’t have to rush when doing this. Study your horse for a few days or weeks to consider its perfect badass name.

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