How to Measure Your Saddle: Everything You Need to Know

Let us be honest; finding the right saddle that fits your horse perfectly is a hassle. The one that fits in just like a lock and a key is a dream. Of course, if the saddle doesn’t fit the horse well, your horse will struggle to perform to the best of its abilities when you are off for a ride. For this purpose, it is essential to learn how to measure a saddle perfectly.

However, there are a few helpful tips by which you can measure a saddle perfectly. To save you some time, below, we have explained how you find the right saddle that looks like it is made for you!

How to Measure a Saddle With Few Simple Steps

In order to measure a saddle size, there are a few key factors which you should consider. These are;

How to Measure a Saddle With Few Simple Steps

1. Seat Size

Firstly, place the saddle in a straight position. Use a measuring tape. Start measuring from the center of the bottom to the front and the middle of the cantle. Usually, adult size saddles about 17 are for adults, and for teenagers, 16 size is a better fit.

Seat Size

Now that you are aware of the seat measurement, let us find out if it is a good fit for you. Balance the saddle correctly on the horse. Place your feet carefully in the stirrups and sit in the middle of the saddle.

At this point, check whether you can fit your hands between where you sit and the back of the saddle. If you can’t, it means this is the right size for you. However, if there is more space than a hand behind you, the seat is probably too big.

2. Measuring Flap’s Length

A well-fitting flap will fix perfectly with the outline of your leg. Find the part where the stirrup attaches to the saddle. Lift that part, and you will see a portion of metal is used to hold the stirrup in place. Start measuring from the top of the metal down to the edge of the flap.

Measuring Flap's Length

3. Measure Width

In order to measure the width of the saddle flap, measure horizontally over the widest portion. Now, flip the saddle over, and you will see two equal panels with a gap in the center. These gaps are called gullets of the saddle. In addition, to measure the gullet size, you will require a clothes hanger. Turn the end of the horse withers into the clothes hanger. Place the hanger right after the withers. Remove the hanger, straighten a measuring tape, and move it across the hanger at least 3 inches below the angle of the withers.

The length between each side of the hanger will be the horse’s gullet width. Ensure you can fit at least two fingers between the saddle and the withers. If you can, it’s probably too tight for your horse.

Quick Tip

Another tip to measure the saddle is to look for the last rib in the horse’s rib cage. If the saddle passes the rib, the saddle fits perfectly fine.

Bottom Line

Measuring a saddle accurately is important to know in order to check what to rule out or in. Buying a horse saddle is a significant investment. Therefore, you would never want to go wrong with it.

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