Can You Ride A Clydesdale Horse? [Complete Guideline]

Although Clydesdale horses are a heavy breed, you can still ride them. These horses are comfortable for all riders, they are easygoing with a readiness to serve their riders. Clydesdale horses take their exceptional features to the next level by being teachable. If you love to enjoy a smooth trail ride, getting a Clydesdale horse with its smooth gait is a perfect choice.

They are popular for their exceptional style on the show ring, if a horse is being shown on television or parades pulling wagons, there is a high chance the horse is a Clydesdale horse. All you need to do is gently coax this horse with your leg and it will steer you in whatever direction you want.

What Are Clydesdale Horses Known For?

This breed of horses originates from Scottish farms and they’ve been useful for more than 200 years. Clydesdale grows to reach 6 feet or 72 inches while their weight ranges between 1600 pounds to 2400 pounds depending on the size.

Clydesdale Horses

The most popular colors that you can find of the Clydesdale horse are either brown or bay. However, some can be black, Roan or sorrel in color although the color has nothing to do with performance. They are mostly popular for being a heavy breed.

Also, this horse can cover 20miles per hour while running. The Clydesdale horse is a multi-purpose breed that can serve you in diverse ways. They can be used for agricultural purposes because of their ability in carrying wagons that contain goods. As a breed, the Clydesdale horse can be ridden and also shown for pleasure.

Daily, a Clydesdale horse can eat between 25 to 50 pounds of hay and 2-10 pounds of grain. The quantity of food they consume is greatly influenced by age and the amount of work done by the horse. This food is essential to their growth and development into one of the most fascinating animals on the globe.

Around fall or summer, Clydesdale horses can easily be seen in competitions along with country fairs. They are delightful horses that are great to watch especially because of their calm disposition.

Why You Should Ride A Clydesdale Horse

There is no need for you to fear riding a Clydesdale horse merely because it is big. Your fear is merely robbing you of the great amount of fun that you can gain by riding a Clydesdale horse. Here are a few things to look out for:

Why You Should Ride A Clydesdale Horse

They Are Built Powerfully

A Clydesdale horse is of much relevance to you because of its powerful build. The legs of this horse are not only thick but also strong. Even in cold seasons, the feathers and coats of this horse help in giving warmth. The hooves are also powerfully structured as just one horseshoe weighs about five pounds with the length being twenty inches across the space.

A Clydesdale horse has a neck area that is muscular while the shoulders have high withers that confirms the level of power the horse has. This makes the horse offer balance and comfort to its riders.

They Are Gentle Giants

Although Clydesdale horses are powerfully built, they are gentle. It is a docile horse that does not spook easily; this has made it a great choice through history for knights fighting battles.

With this quiet draft horse, you can go through the most raucous situations with ease and also enjoy an interesting trail ride. Although the build of this horse type can be intimidating, you must understand that they are quiet.

They Adapt Quickly

It is possible that you purchased a Clydesdale horse and you have to face the fear of changing the environment. In the process of transitioning into a new home for the horse, this horse still retains good behavior and optimism. Draft horses are quick to learn new things especially in terms of gaining adequate training. You need not fear Clydesdale horses because they fit easily into whatever social setting they find themselves in.

They Pull Many Loads

Clydesdale horses can be some sort of a beast of burden that can carry tons of goods. Just at a walk, a Clydesdale horse can carry about 2000 pounds. For the extremely powerful ones, Clydesdale horses can carry an intimidating amount of 8000 pounds. This is why these horses were first used for parades, competitions, farming, and other works that require the services of this unique breed.

They Delight In Human Company

These types of horses are known for their ability to delight in people and they even take it further by their ability to stand bad behavior. Like horses, they are genuinely interested in the environment that they find themselves in and also the people present there.

Even when the Clydesdale horses fall into the wrong hands, their trusting nature can be used for adverse. They are quick to cooperate with individuals and they enjoy your company. You can control them easily and get them to do what you desire.

Final Thoughts

Clydesdale horses are highly functional breeds that you can ride on without the fear of losing comfort or falling on your back. These horses have a smooth and gentle gait that makes your ride enjoyable and delightsome. With Clydesdale, you can perform a wide range of functions with ease. You only have to spend some extra on feeding but you get your money back through the services that the horse provides.

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