Country Songs About Horses [Best Song!!]

There is a song for every situation. Are you angry, happy, or celebrating? There is a song out there that matches your mood and activity. What about songs about horses? Yes, there are songs that are themed on horses. Are you a horse lover? Do you have one? Or do you just love songs about horses? Well, here are some country songs about horses that can make it to your playlist.

Songs about horses

Country songs about horses

“A Horse with no Name” by America

This song has been around since 1971, and it has not lost its savor. This song has generated mixed feelings since it was dropped. Some people say the song talked about drugs and did not particularly certify it okay. For this reason, some radio stations banned it from their playlist. However, some songwriters have risen to protect the reputation of the song.

The song talks about a journey on a nameless horse. The narrator journeys through the desert and sets the horse free after nine days. The narrator admires nature alone in the desert and is happy to have left behind the people and rain. The song is one that has remained fresh even after several years.

“Let That Puny Run” by Pam Tillis

This song dates back to 1993, but it does not fail to give a fresh feel anytime. This song has marriage matters at its center. It talks about a woman whose husband informs that he is leaving for a barmaid. The woman divorces him and moves to West Virginia. While there, she feels reckless, young, and happy as she rides on a beautiful horse. This song has a lot to it. If you enjoy songs about horses and have a thing for something more, this is a song you would want to listen to.

“The Horse Nobody Could Ride” by Joey + Rory

This is one song that will set you towards softness. This song was released in 2010. It is about a mustang that has refused to break for anyone and has been known as “the horse nobody could ride”. She was a hose that tolerated no one and three all the cowboys off.

Well, it turns out that toughness cannot always win. A quiet and shy man approaches the mustang with carefulness and promises to be gentle with her. He wins her trust, and she lets him ride her. He climbs her, and they ride together. This song will make you think about usual relationships in the world.

“Wild Horses” Natasha Bedingfield

This 2004 song is romantic and refreshing. It talks about a young and free-spirited woman who longs for the unknown. She does not want to be constrained by what she does not know or the consideration of what could happen. She wants to be free like wild horses. This woman has the boldness to face challenges and fall in love. It is a song that uses the analogy of wild horses to describe the young woman’s feelings when it comes to love.

“Beer for My Horses” by Toby Keith ft. Willie Nelson

This song is themed around the law and societal happenings. This song came out in 1993 when Willie Nelson was 70 years old. In the world of country music, he was the oldest person to be on the chart with this all-time favorite. The song talks about treating the bad guys in the streets like they used to do in the Old West. Then, the law would round them up and serve them justice. The singer calls for this kind of prompt justice so that the good guys can have whiskey at the saloon, where there will also be beer for the horses.

“White Horse” by Taylor Swift

This is another love song that uses the analogy of a horse. In this song, the narrator lets her ex-boyfriend know that she knows who exactly he is. She is no longer fooled by his acts. He is a guy who pretends to be a Prince Charming, whereas he is nothing but an unrepentant liar. She tells him that he lost his chances of a romantic relationship with her. This song came out in 2008, but it has this freshness all over it each time it hits the speakers.

“Three White Horses” by Andrew Bird

This song is about lovers whose relationship is ending. The narrator acknowledges the difficulty in saying goodbye. He reflects on the impact the relationship has on him and his partner and the loneliness that will set in the evening. The song emphasizes the human need for relationships and love.

“Another Horsedreamer’s Blues” by Counting Crows

This rock song came out in 1996 and has since been making the rounds in playlists. The song is about a young girl, Margery, who is a victim of circumstances. She is betting, self-medicating, and hoping for better days. Margery is always “dreaming of horses,” hoping to be free like horses.

There are several country songs about horses. These songs have different themes to give you variety and not bore you. Some of these songs have been around for a long time, but they are still fresh and apt today. Do enjoy!

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