Horse Songs for Kids

Kids learn a lot of valuable things from songs and rhymes related to horses and ponies. This is a topic that offers plenty of scope for learning about the nuances of rhythm. But this post is not just about horse songs for kids. We will also introduce you to some of the best rock and pop songs about horses.

Kids enjoy horse songs and musical activities that accompany the songs. These songs are a great way to teach kids about horses. But why should you teach your kids about horses in the first place? Well, it turns out there are plenty of benefits.

When children learn how to ride, or just learn about horses, they end up learning some other valuable life lessons as well.

First, they learn the importance of putting others first. Riders learn to be attentive to the needs of their horses. They become mindful of their horses.

Riding takes patience – a lot of it. Riders learn to be patient not only with themselves but also with their horses. They learn how to deal with stubborn horses. From horses, children also learn persistence, perseverance, and other valuable things.

4 Horse Songs for Kids

Now we are going to introduce you to some horse songs for children aged 3 to 6 years. We will also discuss the musical activities that should accompany these songs.

  1. This is the way the lady rides

This Is the Way the Lady Rides is one of the liveliest knee bobbing songs for babies and toddlers. This song is suitable for getting kids up and moving and can help teach kids contrasting tempos.

Sing the song to babies and toddlers when you bounce them on your knees. First, bounce gently, then go a little bit faster and finally very fast. So fast that the kid falls off the horse! Pretty soon your little one will learn what to expect, and love being dangled down.

If the child is a little bit older, you can play the role of a horse. First, introduce your child to the three characters in the song: lady, gentleman, and farmer. The lady is slow, the gentleman is fast, and the farmer is very quick. By playing the role of a horse, you can introduce your little one to tempo and dynamics.

  1. Trot, trot, trot!

This is one of the simplest and most beautiful horse songs for kids. You can sing this song while jigging your little one up and down.

Knee bobbing songs are a great way for toddlers to learn rhythm. As you rhythmically bob, your child will not want to stop.

For this song, you can use a wooden horse puppet with wooden hooves. Alternatively, you can pretend to be a horse and trot around the room.

  1. Horsey horsey don’t you stop!

This is another traditional knee bobbing song. As you sing the song, bob your little one up and down on your knee.

As kids get a little bit older, they can explore the sounds of horse hooves and pretend to be horses. This song can help your child with speech development and vocabulary, rhythmic movements, and overall listening skills.

  1. Ride a cock horse to Banbury cross

For babies and toddlers, this is another perfect English nursery rhyme. Children love to sing or listen to this song when playing on rocking toys. The gentle rhythm appeals to both younger and older babies.

For an older child, you can get a hobby horse and play a circle game. However, a hobby-horse is not necessary. Just tell your little one to pretend to be a pony.

7 Famous Horse Songs for Adults

We have discussed some of the best horse songs for kids, but what about horse songs for adults? There are many rocks, pop, and country songs about horses. Whether you ride horses or simply admire these beautiful, majestic animals, you will love these songs. Here are a few of them:

  1. “Wild Horses” by Natasha Bedingfield

In this 2004 pop song, the singer longs for something unknown. Breaking free from the human limitations of “what ifs”, she wishes to be as free as wild horses. She wants to be open to love, and head into challenges.

  1. “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

A dark horse, a little-known and underestimated candidate, performs very well in a competition, defying expectations. In this song, Katy Perry lets her potential lover know that she can do anything. She is addictive and enchanting to men, but her powers are underestimated.

  1. “No Reins” by Rascal Flatts

In this 2007 country song, the protagonist has finally broken free from her no-good lover, leaving him in the dust. Now she is as free as a wild mustang and can live her life with no reins, no fences, and no fear.

  1. “Wild Horses” by Garth Brooks

In this country tune, the cowboy assures his girlfriend that he will come back, but he is not able to keep his word. He feels wild horses drag him away. His infidelity is without any insinuations. The girl forgives him, but the cowboy knows that a day will come when she will lose her patience.

  1. “White Horse” by Taylor Swift

In this tune, the narrator has seen through the false promises of her ex-boyfriend, and now she says she knows his true color. The guy is no Prince Charming; he is an unapologetic liar. The narrator tells him that things will no longer be the way they have been.

  1. “Three White Horses” by Andrew Bird

The narrator’s relationship with his lover is ending. Purity and vulnerability are symbolized by white horses. The narrator wants to say farewell, but he also thinks about the impact of saying so. They are separating, but the spirit of the relationship will stay with them.

Horse Songs for Kids – Final Thoughts

Horses are majestic animals, and they have long been a recurring subject in arts and literature. There are numerous horse songs for kids and adults. If you admire these beautiful animals, you will probably like to celebrate them with a playlist of rock, pop, and country songs.

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