Best Horse Bridles to Consider in 2022- Review & Buyer Guide

Using a horse bridle is one of the best ways to guide your horse. Not only will this give your horse the guidance it needs, but it will also make the entire process much easier on yourself. If you’re someone who wants to experience an easy ride and a ride that both you and your horse will enjoy, please pay close attention to the best bridles for horses.

We’ll be breaking down what you need to look for, and we’ll also answer any questions you may have about these bridles. So before you jump right into the best horse bridles, make sure that you brush up on some of your bridle knowledge first.

Here is a look at what I’ll be going over with you today:

  • A brief buyer’s guide explaining bridles for horses
  • The top 7 best horse bridles on the market
  • Things to consider before you buy horse bridles
  • F&Q
  • Final thoughts

Let’s dive right in.

Our Top Pick
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Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle

  • Handcrafted from premium harness leather
  • Includes 5/8 inch x 7-1/2′ roper reins
  • Curb strap with 4-1/2 inch nickel plated chain

The types of horse bridles you’ll encounter

When shopping for a horse bridle, you’ll encounter many variations on the market. This is due to the fact that each horse bridle has its uses. So, here is a look at the types of bridles you’ll encounter.

Weymouth Bridle

The Weymouth Bridle is one of the most common bridles you’ll encounter. This is since it consists of two bits and four reins. This is why the Weymouth Bridle is called the double bridle. This makes it very comparable to elite riders because it can be used to guide horses through most equestrian events.

Pelham Bridle

The Pelham Bridle is standard amongst most English riders. This is a bridle that uses one bit and is comprised of two sets of reins. The Pelham Bridle also has two rings that make it very easy to attach both sets of reins as well. The Pelham Bridle is a bit more basic than the Weymouth Bridle and works best for beginners or rides that aren’t too intense.


The Snaffle Bridle is one of the more simple bridles out there. This is since it’s made up of only one bit and one set of reins. If you’re a beginner, the Snaffle Bride is an excellent choice.

The Common Western Bridle

Western Bridles are a bit different than other bridles in that they’re fairly simple. The Common Western Bridle comprises a headstall and throatlatch attached to one bit. Also, the Common Western Bridle can be used with either closed or split reins, making it very diverse among western riders.


The Hackamore Bridle is unique in that it will guide a horse with its nose instead of its mouth. This is important because it’s a bit less harmful to the horse. The Hackamore Bridle uses a bosal that wraps around the horse’s nose, and the reins are attached under the chin of the horse.

Top Model Compared Best Bridles for Horses

Image Product Features Price
Our Top Pick

Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle

Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle
  • Premium harness leather
  • 5/8 inch x 7-1/2’ roper reins
  • 4-1/2 inch nickel plated chain
  • Bit measures 5 inch
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Silver Fox Raised Snaffle Bridle w/ Web Reins Silver Fox Raised Snaffle Bridle w/ Web Reins
  • Premium quality leather
  • Handcrafted
  • high-quality reins
Check Price
Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle
  • Wider nosepiece
  • Raised nose
  • Browband
  • Reins included
Check Price
Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle
  • 5/8” Web Reins
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Imported Leather
  • ½” Cheek Pieces
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#1) Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle with Web Reins

Henri de Rivel Dressage Bridle

The Henri de Rivel horse bridle provides comfort for both the rider and the horse. With ½ and ⅝ inch reins included, the rider gets all the options they need.

The Henri de Rivel Horse Bridle has everything you need to start. You’ll get two options for the reins, which makes this bridle very beginner friendly. Also, the safety of both the rider and the horse was considered when designing these options.

The web reins are also included, and you can even opt for an oversized option. This is a great deal because no matter the horse, you’ll have no problem with the Henri de Rivel Horse Bridle.

You’ll also be able to choose between two different color options, so the Henri de Rivel Horse Bridle knocks it out of the park when it comes to customization. 

The Henri de Rivel Horse Bridle’s price is fair and appropriate. You will have to pay extra for the oversized option, so keep that in mind.

  • Everything is made with premium stainless steel
  • It comes with both ½-inch and ⅝ inch webbed reins.
  • You can choose between the standard size and the over-sized option
  • . There are no bits included with this horse bridle, which can be a bit confusing for some newer riders

#2) Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle

Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle

The Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle is made with hand-rubbed premium leather, which makes it very durable and elegant.

The Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle is great for beginners and advanced riders. You can’t go wrong with high-quality leather, and the 5-inch bits make it very easy to manage your horse. As for the reins, you get one set of roper reins that are ⅝” by 7 × ½”.

The leather material used is state of the art, and it’s a nice touch that everything is rubbed and oiled by hand. The Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle feels as if it was made just for you and is also comfortable for your horse.

The Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle also comes with a curb strap with a nickel-plated chain. So, regarding durability, leather aside, the Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle is an excellent horse bridle for every rider.

The price for this particular bridle is priced very fairly. Compared to other products on the market, you’ll find this is a bargain. We love that the Weaver Leather Working Tack Bridle gives you a premium horse bridle at an average price.

  • Premium hand-rubbed and oiled leather
  • Strong and sturdy reins
  • Only comes in the one size

#3) SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle w/Web Reins

Silver Fox Raised Snaffle Bridle w/ Web Reins

The SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle is by far the best budget bridle. While it may be very low in price, you still get high-quality leather and reins. The SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle is a great bargain.

While no bits are included, you get sturdy leather materials for a very low price. The SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle is also very lightweight and simple to use.

If you’re a bit new to the horse scene and are worried about getting the right bridle, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s lightweight, easy to get on your horse, and only costs a fraction of the price compared to other bridles on the market.

As I’ve said earlier, the SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle is an absolute bargain. Compared to other horse bridles with the same materials, the SilverFox Raised Snaffle Bridle is a bargain buy.

  • Very low price
  • Very easy to get on your horse
  • Made with premium quality leather
  • Does not include bits

#4) Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle

Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle

The Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle is excellent for those with more experience. This is a premium bridle that delivers when it’s competition time.

The Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle is an excellent choice for you and your horse. The design is like no other because the bridle has a wider nose piece and raised nose.

This makes the bridle very comfortable for the horse because it’s contoured to its skull. While the Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle is an excellent choice, it’s mostly meant for those who get out there and ride a lot.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this bridle is hand-stitched and comes with some nice and fancy straps attached to the bridle. The bridle also comes with rubber reins and has everything you need to fit it onto your horse.

The price is higher, but you get what you pay for. If you want a professional-grade horse bridle, you should consider the Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle.

  • Hand stitched premium leather
  • Special design to benefit your horse
  • Comes with high quality rubber reins
  • A bit more expensive than other horse bridles

What to Look for Before You Buy Best Bridles for Your Horse

best horse bridles

Choosing a bridle for your horse is not always easy. This is because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. While this may be the case, we have a few ways to narrow the buying process down for you. So let’s look at some things to look out for before buying a horse bridle.

The materials

Horse bridles come in a lot of different materials. Now, with that being said, we want to help narrow this down for you. So let’s look at the options you have regarding materials.


A nylon bridle is one of the most common bridles that you’ll find. The only issue is that they’re unsuitable for show usage because the material is not the strongest. A nylon bridle will be inexpensive, easy to maintain, and works well for the average rider.

Leather bridles

A leather bridle is a very strong and sturdy bridle. You’ll be able to use these in horse shows, but they can be a bit tricky to keep fresh. Also, leather bridles are among the most stylish as well.

Synthetic leather bridles

A synthetic leather bridle is exactly as the name suggests: they’re synthetic. This means they’re not as strong as genuine leather but inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Know your measurements

You’ll also need to know your measurements when buying a horse bridle. You don’t want a horse bridle that doesn’t fit. So let’s take a look at how to find the correct measurement.

  • Headstall and throatlatch 

The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the headstall. This is done by measuring your horse’s mouth, from poll to poll. Once you have that measurement, make sure you add in four fingers’ worth of length to ensure that your horse remains comfortable.

  • Browband

The browband is fairly easy to measure; all it takes is a measurement from ear to ear. You want to start at the corners and go slightly past each ear.

  • Noseband

As for the noseband, you’ll need to measure your horse’s nose. I recommend using a tape measure because it can be hard to get an accurate measurement with just a ruler and string.

If you want to learn more about the steps to measuring, please feel free to check this tutorial:

Experience level

The last factor in your bridle buying experience is your experience level. What do we mean by this? We’re simply referring to how good you are with riding.

  • Beginner

If you’re less experienced, someone who plans on riding a horse in a leisurely way, you don’t need a fancy horse bridle.

  • Advanced

Suppose you’re someone that knows their way around a horse. It might be a good idea to go with one of the higher-class options on the list. This is because you’ll likely have reins already, which makes your options much less limited. Also, you might even want to add a little flare with some extra design to allow your personality to shine through your horse.

_Common Questions you may have about horse bridles_

  • Why do I need a bridle?

A horse bridle is a tool that’s designed to allow you to guide the horse. This is an essential tool because it will allow you to change the direction of a horse, as opposed to simply making it speed up or slow down.

  • English or Western?

When buying a horse bridle, you’ll need to consider whether or not you want to go Western. This is about preference and what you want to do with your horse. Therefore, I would recommend considering your preferred style before buying. The best English bridles are as sturdy as the best Western bridles, so that’s something to keep in mind.

  • Is a bitless bridle better?

A bitless bridle is better for your horse’s health because it will not apply pressure to your mouth. You’ll still be able to guide the horse the way you want, but this way is a bit more humane.

Final thoughts

When looking for a horse bridle, consider what you need it for. An easy-to-use bridle might be your best bet if you’re a beginner. This is due to the fact that some of the more elite bridles may be more work than they’re worth if you won’t be participating in any competitions.

This is why we always recommend you examine what you need the bridle for. Also, we want to talk about safety for a moment as well. Bridles that require the horse to bite down on them can be bad for their mouth, gums, and teeth, which is something you should keep an eye out on. So if you plan on casually riding your horse, we recommend going with a bridle that keeps the safety of your horse in mind.

We hope that my list of the best bridles for horses has helped you come to a decision. If you ever change your mind, please refer to this post as a guide. We want to ensure that you have the best bridle for you and your horse.

Thank you for your time! Please look at our guide for effective horse fly spray, cool horse bows for huntingperfect blankets for your horse, a great horse de-wormer,  and a special saddle for your loved one.

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