The Best Abetta Saddles in 2022: Buyer Guide & Review

The right saddle is essential for ensuring your horse is comfortable while riding. A properly fitting saddle is highly important for the safety of both rider and horse. While a custom-made saddle will provide the best fit, not all horse owners can afford one.

With our Abetta saddle reviews, you can choose the ideal saddle to fit your horse and keep him comfortable. Continue reading this information to learn about your options for the best choice in saddles. We will provide all the information needed to understand what makes Abetta saddles special and why you should choose them for your horse.

Why do you need a perfect saddle?

The right saddle is vital for both horse and rider. A saddle will help evenly distribute the rider’s weight across the back of the horse. The goal of the saddle is to help the rider and horse become one with their center of gravity. In other words, the two should be one while riding. A saddle helps the two to act as one and move as one.

Saddles help to reduce the damage done to the horse’s reflex points. Over the years, excessive pressure can lead to pain and ongoing damage. Eventually, it can lead to deformities of the spine.

The fit needs to be precise for both the horse and rider. The saddle should conform to the horse’s back, molding to the specific curves. It should also mold to the rear end of the rider. Without the correct saddle, both the rider and the horse will be in discomfort and unable to enjoy the ride. Most people do everything they possibly can to care for their horse, including purchasing the right horse supplements.

Why should you choose an Abetta saddle?

Abetta is a name horse owners have come to rely on for the best saddles on the market. They make a variety of saddles, including Western and endurance. Abetta saddles are made in the USA with the most durable materials.

When you first pick up an Abetta saddle, it is immediately clear that it differs from other saddle brands. The reason we choose to write our Abetta endurance saddle reviews is that this is a company that hand manufactures their saddles and works to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. With the finest materials and components, Abetta saddles can last a lifetime.

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Top 5 Abetta Saddle Options

Abetta saddles are known for their quality craftsmanship — they mold to fit both the horse and rider. Check out the below Abetta trail saddle reviews, and you can find one that will meet your needs.

#1. Abetta’Aletta’sSkirt Saddle in Classic Style

Abetta’s Round Skirt Saddle in Classic Style


This is Abetta’Alberta’sc style, round skirt saddle, and it remains one of the most popular choices from the company. With its lightweight design and supreme craftsmanship, this saddle is meant for people of all ages.

Some saddles are extremely heavy and can end up putting a weight burden on the horse. The weight can also make the saddle difficult to mount on the horse.

Because this saddle is made primarily from nylon, it can provide the highest level of comfort without causing your horse undue discomfort.

This saddle is entirely American-made and is offered at an affordable price. The rugged nylon outer shell offers full shock absorption. With each move of the horse and rider, the foam padding helps prevent the shocks from going down the horse’s spine for a greater level of comfort.

The suede seat is soft and comfortable. It offers a 3-1/4″ pleasure-style horn. The silver trim makes for an attractive saddle. This saddle comes with two bell stirrups.

Featured Highlights:

  • Available in multiple sizes, including 13 inches, 14 inches, and 15 inches
  • Available in purple and pink
  • Durable yet lightweight in form
  • Shock-absorbing foam padding
  • This lightweight saddle offers complete comfort for both horse and rider
  • Molds perfectly to the horse’s body and the rider’s
  • Offers a Ralide saddle tree
  • Beautiful engraved silver trim
  • May not be appropriate for all size riders, but is available in multiple sizes

#2. Abetta Wide Trail Saddle

Abetta Wide Trail Saddle

A wider trail saddle will be best if you love to ride on the trails. Wider saddles are meant for a higher level of comfort because they offer much more room for long-distance riding. This is one of those classic Abetta saddles that has been proven to provide the highest level of comfort and support for both horse and rider.

One of the best aspects of this saddle is it requires very little maintenance. Horse ownership is not always easy, so it helps to have a saddle that does not require a lot of upkeep.

This saddle features an underlayment that offers a no-slip grip. The full weight of the saddle is only around 17 pounds. These saddles are meant to stand up to years of use without becoming damaged.

Unlike leather saddles, this Abetta wide trail is not so heavy that it is difficult to lift. The saddle fits perfectly on the horse’s back as long as the proper measurements have been taken.

Many horse owners have found this saddle best for long trail rides because it positions the rider perfectly. With the wide seat, the rider’s weight is spread out perfectly, making the horse better able to handle the load.

Featured Highlights:

  • It offers a 12-inch horn
  • Features a Ralide gullet
  • 2-inch bell stirrups
  • 17-pound actual weight
  • Lightweight, yet durable design for a higher level of comfort
  • The non-slip grip keeps the saddle in place at all times
  • Made of 1000 denier nylon
  • Cantle with 5-inch rigging
  • Available in only one color (black)

#3. Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Set

Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Set

This model of Abetta is called the Ostrich, and it is made in the traditional Abetta style, with the addition of cowhide trim. The cowhide trim has been added to the seat, skirt, and fenders. This set includes horse riders’ needs, including the bridle, pad, and breast collar.

The Abetta Ostrich saddle is easy to maintain and remains simple to use. The saddle is highly durable yet lightweight enough to be used by all riders.

Like many other Abetta saddles, this model features a no-slip grip that helps to prevent the saddle from slipping around dangerously on the back of the horse.

This saddle model is available in two colors: tan and lime green. We believe our Abetta western saddle reviews will help horse owners to make the right choice. No matter which Abetta saddle is chosen, you cannot go wrong.

Featured Highlights:

  • It offers a pleasure-type tree
  • Includes the bridle, saddle pad, and breast collar
  • Made with a stainless steel D-ring cantle
  • He gives a 12-inch horn
  • Easy to maintain and mount
  • Lightweight yet durable for heavy use
  • No-slip tread keeps the saddle in place
  • Package deal offers everything the rider needs
  • Limited sizes are available right now

#4. Abetta Arab Saddle for Trail Riding

Abetta Arab Saddle for Trail Riding

This is one of the most beautiful saddles Abetta makes. It perfectly combines the look of a Western saddle with an Arabian swell, gullet, and Ralide.

Like all Abetta saddles, the saddle is made to withstand ride after ride while providing full comfort for both the horse and its rider. This saddle is made of Cordura nylon, one of the toughest nylons.

The rigging of this saddle is made from half-breed leather and stainless steel rigging. This Nylon saddle has been fully laminated to the shock-resistant foam padding.

With this padding, the horse will feel much more comfortable during long rides because it will not feel every bump and jolt along the ride. This Abetta Arab offers two-inch bell stirrups like many standard saddles for rider comfort and control. The bell stirrups feature a no-slip tread to keep the rider’s feet in position at all times.

This saddle features a horn capsized at 2 ¼ inches, and the horn height is 3 ¼ inches. Every detail of this saddle has been precisely designed.

Featured Highlights:

  • Made of durable Cordura Nylon
  • Features leather half-breed rigging
  • Offers bell stirrups that provide a thread-safe design
  • Features Arabian accents
  • The lightweight material is easy for mounting on the horse
  • The shock-absorbent padding keeps the saddle from causing pain to the horse and rider
  • The saddle is made of the most durable Cordura Nylon
  • The set includes a latigo strap
  • ​Is not available in different colors

#5. Abetta Original-Style Nylon Saddle Review

This is a beautiful choice if you prefer the original style Abetta offers. Abetta is a name horse owners have come to rely on for comfort, durability, and original style.

Abetta offers a full five-year warranty on this saddle because they stand behind their craftsmanship.

This Abetta Original-Style Saddle meets and even exceeds industry standards. The saddle tree is available in three sizes: standard, wide, and flex.

This saddle is made from 1000 denier Nylon, making it strong and durable for many years of riding.

Featured Highlights:

  • Features a leather-covered 3 ¼-inch horn
  • 2-inch slip-resistant tread stirrups
  • Weighs only 17 pounds
  • Offers shock-absorbing foam
  • The cover is tough and scratch-resistant for durability
  • The rigging is leather half-breed with stainless steel for increased strength
  • Offers multiple Quarter Horse tree sizes
  • Aire Grip lined skirts
  • Only available in two colors

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before making a saddle purchase, there are a few things horse owners need to consider. Rushing the process of purchasing a saddle could lead to the wrong decision. It is important to consider the following before making a saddle purchase for your

Durable materials

It is important to choose a saddle that is made from the highest grade of materials. Abetta is known for its lightweight nylon, which is meant to stand up to years of abuse. Abetta uses 1000 denier nylon for most all its saddles. Just like when purchasing lead ropes for hacking, it is important to choose durability.

Correct sizing

Size is an important consideration for both horse and rider. Without the correct sizing, the saddle can slip around on the horse and could lead to danger. You must purchase the correct saddle size so you and your horse will be comfortable.

Stirrup position and size

The stirrups are an integral part of any saddle. If the stirrups are not properly positioned and sized, the rider’s foot may not fit securely, and slippage could occur. Choosing a saddle with tread-grip stirrups is also wise for added grip and safety.


Comfort is an important part of any horse saddle. After all, if the saddle is not comfortable for both the rider and the horse, both will feel the pain. There should be plenty of shock-absorbing padding. This padding helps to protect the horse from every bump on the trail.


People often have a lot of questions when it comes to purchasing a new saddle for their horse. Getting answers to their questions is imperative for making a decision.

How do I know what size to purchase in a saddle?

The sizes of a horse saddle come in inches. You should never purchase a saddle without first getting and measuring a horse since it needs to provide a custom fit. You will need to measure the gullet and seat for the best fit. An ill-fitting saddle is only going to cause discomfort.

Do I need a saddle blanket for my horse?

Most horse owners use saddle blankets for comfort and saddle protection. If the blanket is worn under the saddle, it will absorb all the sweat and dirt, preventing the saddle from becoming damaged. It will also offer greater comfort.

How long will a saddle last?

When a saddle is properly made of durable materials, it can last for up to thirty years. The length of the lifespan will depend on how well the saddle is maintained and how often it is used.

Final Words

You now know more than ever before about Abetta saddles, and it is clear to see why these are one of the most popular brands in the industry. Abetta is American-made, and they create some beautiful saddles that offer the highest level of durability.

Feel free to click through each link and learn more about the above saddles. We have provided these Abetta saddle reviews to help you make the perfect choice for your horse’s needs.

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