The 7 Best Electric Fence for Horses Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Keeping your horses safely contained is essential for their protection. Horses will roam if they are not adequately corralled. Although there are multiple fencing options, not all of them are effective. The right fence ensures your beloved horses are contained when out of the stables. Choosing the 7 best electric fences for horses will help ensure your horses stay in the pasture where they belong. Here, we will break down the top 7 electric fence models so you can make the best purchase for your needs.

What are the Advantages of Electric Fences?

Installing an electric fence is an ideal way for you to keep your horses safe at all times. This type of fence offers a range of advantages over traditional fencing, and you must explore these advantages so you can make the best decision to protect your horses.

  • Electric fencing is generally less expensive than traditional fencing because there are fewer materials.
  • Electric fences can also be installed much faster than other fences for the same reason offered by the money savings.
  • An electric fence is one of the most beneficial ways to keep horses corralled safely.
  • These fences typically last longer than other types of fencing materials.

When a horse comes in contact with an electric fence and feels that briefly intense sting, they develop a healthy respect for the fencing and are less likely to even go near it. It did not take long for our horses to learn an electric fence is something they do not want to come in contact with at all.

Comparing Our Favorite Electric Fences for Horses

Types of Horse Fences

You have multiple choices when it comes to horse fencing. Understanding why most fencing choices do not equal the best horse electric fence on the market is essential. Consider the following when you are attempting to fence in your pastures.

Electric Fence

An electric fence delivers a brief yet intense sting to the horse whenever it comes into contact with the wiring. You will find with most fences that it is possible to adjust the current flow, depending on the level of training your horses to have. Other choices include the following:

  • Wire Fencing
  • Mesh Fencing
  • Pipe Fencing
  • Wood Rail Fencing
  • Vinyl Rail Fencing

While many horse owners choose vinyl, wood, or wire fencing, these are not always the best. Horses are brilliant creatures, and they can find a way to get out of many types of fences. Adding the element of electricity helps to train your horses to stay away from the fence. Once they feel that sting, they do not want to experience it again.

If you want to rest assured that your horses are safely contained, it would be wise to choose an electric fence and have it properly installed. No horse owner wants to find their horse has escaped and become injured or lost, and the right fence can prevent that from happening.

Top 7 Best Electric Fence For Horses Reviews 2022

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing an electric fence. This horse electric fence review will save you time and stress as you shop for the best fence. We have carefully reviewed countless electric fence models and brands and compiled our top 7 list for your convenience.

#1) ElectroBraid Horse Fence Conductor Reel

ElectroBraid Horse Fence Conductor Reel I was immediately intrigued by this horse fence because it is recommended by many equestrian veterinarians, including my own. This fencing is one of the most durable electric fence materials you can purchase, and it is so easy to install and operate.

ElectoBraid created this fencing with the same standards as the seatbelt and parachute harness industries, so you can rest assured it is durable and will stand up to all types of weather and horseplay.

This fencing comes in a 1,000-foot spool, which offers plenty of fencing for the money. This copper electric fencing is safe for your horses and will quickly help to teach them to stay away from the fence.

ElectroBraid is a 1300-pound braided rope, so you can quickly see just how strong it truly is for keeping horses and cattle safely contained.

The installation of this fencing could not have been easier. I installed a four-strand fence to ensure I could keep my horses and cattle adequately contained, and I have had no problems since installation. This fencing will also help keep coyotes, dogs, and deer.

  • This rope has a 1,300-pound breaking strength.
  • ElectroBraid has made its fencing with the same standards as the seatbelt and parachute industries.
  • This fencing is safe for horses and is veterinarian-recommended.
  • ElectroBraid is copper-based fencing, making it safe and effective.
  • A little on the expensive side but worth the cost.

#2) Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire

Farmily Portable Electric Fence PolywireI liked the idea of this horse fencing because it is easy to move around due to its portability. You can easily set up a temporary corral whenever you need it.

This fencing offers full conductivity for up to 1,312 feet. This fencing rope contains six strands of conductor wires, so it is powerful enough to deter your horses without causing any injuries.

I like braided horse fencing because you do not have to worry about corrosion like with metal exposed systems. This yellow and black rope is highly visible, so you can protect yourself from accidentally coming into contact with the fencing.

The UV-stabilized polymer webbing allows for a high level of durability that will not break down after exposure to the elements. The only warning I will give on this fencing is to ensure you do not put too much tension on it. It should always be used with a permanent post system for the best results.

I used this to temporarily corral my horses while we did some maintenance on the farm, and it worked like a charm. The spool makes it incredibly easy to reel it back in when you are finished.

  • This fencing is very easy to install and can be used for temporary corrals.
  • This fencing offers conductivity for up to 1,312 feet.
  • The polymer webbing that has been UV-stabilized means this fencing will not wear out.
  • The fencing is sturdy yet protective against injuries.
  • Should not be used with continuous-current output.

#3) Gallagher Poly Wire Electric Fence

Gallagher Poly Wire Electric FenceThis electric horse fencing is manufactured with six twisted strands of stainless steel, making it durable. The stainless steel has been specially treated to ensure it does not corrode or rust. This fencing comes in a 1,312-foot roll, and I was highly impressed with the strength. You also get a free 328-foot roll with the combo pack.

The poly-coated wire is UV-resistant and will ensure your horses are safely corralled by deterring them from trying to go past the fence. Once it was up and a few had experienced the stinging action, my horses chose to stay away. Honestly, I could have shut off the current, and they would have stayed back.

I highly recommend you purchase the reels sold separately so you can quickly reel in the fencing as needed. This fencing is very lightweight and easy to install just about anywhere.

Do not let its light weight fool you. This Gallagher horse fencing is heavy-duty and just what horse owners need for permanent fencing or temporary corrals. This fencing offers reliable conductivity for up to 656 feet.

  • The poly wire construction ensures UV resistance and durable protection.
  • The fencing is a generous 1,312 feet with a bonus roll of 328 feet.
  • This Gallagher fencing is ideal for installation in any area.
  • It offers a reliable conductivity for up to 656 feet.
  • Does not work underground.

#4) Baygard Electric Fencing, 1/4-Inch White Rope

Baygard Electric Fencing, 1/4-Inch White RopeIf you are searching for a durable electric fence for your horses, you cannot go wrong with this Baygard horse fence. This fencing helps to retain your horses by discouraging them from going near the fence. The conductivity is strong but will not cause any harm to your horses.

This spool of horse fencing is 656 feet and must be installed with a permanent fencing system. You will find it ideal for moving your horses from pasture to pasture or for temporary corralling.

Baygard fencing features six strands of conductors and is crafted from fibrillated polyethylene. This material can withstand all types of weather and sun exposure without breaking down and damaging.

I found this fencing easy to install and spooled when I changed pastures. With an 850-pound break weight, this horse fencing is ideal for all applications. It is perfect when you need to set up a temporary corral for pasture maintenance.

This fencing is a bright white, which makes it very easy to see. Trust me when I say this: You do not want to run into an electric fence when it is on. The buzz is unforgettable! That being said, the current you run is essential. You want the current to be strong enough to deter your horses without causing them any harm.

  • The durable and robust construction will ensure this fencing remains in sound shape.
  • This fencing offers a strong 850-pound break resistance.
  • The white color makes this fencing extremely visible.
  • This fencing can be installed in many ways, making it versatile.
  • This fencing does not offer the highest level of break weight but is sufficient for most horse fencing needs.

#5) Zareba Poly Wire Horse Fencing

Zareba Poly Wire Horse FencingZareba is a well-respected name among equestrians, so I wanted to make sure I checked out their six-strand conductor wire to see how well it performs. This 656-foot spool comes in yellow and green colors. The yellow helps it stand out from pasture grass, making it easier to see.

This fencing has a 180-pound break weight, ideal for smaller horses and temporary corrals. Zareba fencing is durable and will stand up to all types of weather without breaking down and becoming corroded or damaged.

Although heavy-duty, it is also lightweight, making it easy to install in just about any setup. For the best results, this poly wire fencing should always be connected with a permanent option.

Like most electric fencing, this Zareba fencing contains six strands of conductive wire, making it easier to obtain full conduction. This wire fencing can be used repeatedly and is easy to splice or repair.

I tested this with a few of my mares, and they immediately realized they did not want to go near the fencing.

  • This fencing is lightweight, so it is easy to install in just about any location.
  • The poly-coated wiring is fully protected against UV exposure.
  • This fencing contains six conduction wires for better conduction strength.
  • The fencing can be reused over and over.
  • It is not recommended for large horses because of the lower break weight.

#6) Farmily Portable Electric Fence with Nine Conductors

Farmily Portable Electric FenceIf your horses are a little more aggressive, you will appreciate this Farmily fencing with nine conductors, making it one of the best conductor wires on the market.

This fencing is crafted with a shiny black-and-white material that is ideal for temporarily corralling your horses. Honestly, this is one of the best conductive fencing wires I have ever tried, and we were genuinely impressed with how it performed.

This fencing can be used over and over and exposed to all types of weather without breaking down and starting to erode. It was also effortless to install and reel up when we were finished.

We appreciate fencing companies that coat their fencing wires with poly. This means this fencing wire will last a long time, and you can use it repeatedly without it rusting and lacking conductivity.

Like most fencing wires, this is best installed on permanent fencing posts and should not be wrapped around trees. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any problems with installation.

  • This fencing is very easy to install because it is lightweight.
  • This fencing will not rust or corrode because of the special coating.
  • The fence contains nine conductive wires, making it a secure and effective conductor.
  • This fencing has a 600-pound break weight.
  • Cannot be installed with extreme tension.

#7) Fi-Shock Electric Polywire for Horses and Livestock

Fi-Shock is another respected name for electric fencing, so I decided to check this one out to see how it would perform with my horses. It surprised me.

This wiring will not rust or break down after exposure to the elements. It is strong and durable, and with the six strands of wire conductors, it is ideal for conductivity.

This spool comes with 1,320 feet of wire, so it is a solid bet for all types of installations. You can use it to temporarily corral your horses or set up new pasture enclosures as needed.

Fi-Shock’s poly wire offers a 180-pound break weight, best suited for smaller horses and livestock or temporary use. This wire is guaranteed not to rust, so you can rest assured it will be able to be exposed to all types of weather without breaking down or corroding.

I was able to install this poly wire fencing in a short amount of time, and the conduction level was near perfect. My horses responded to it without me having to turn up the current too high.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable fencing wire for your horses, you cannot go wrong with this Fi-Shock fencing.

  • This fencing is lightweight yet durable, so you can install it just about anywhere.
  • The poly coating ensures it will last for a long time without breaking down.
  • This fencing offers a 180-pound break weight, which is perfect for smaller horses.
  • This fencing is easy to install and reel in.
  • Some say it is difficult to unroll, but we did not have problems.

Best Horse Electric Fence

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Horse Electric Fence

You care about your horses and want to ensure they are safely pastured. Making the right electric fence purchase is essential for getting the best results. Here, we will break down what you need to consider before you buy so that you will be able to make the best choice.

  • Durability

When choosing an electric fence for horses, make sure the strength is high. You do not want to purchase fencing that is weak and is going to break down. Ideally, the fencing wire should be fully coated with a protective poly coating to ensure it can be exposed to UV rays without breaking down.

  • Break Weight

The break weight is a substantial number to pay attention to when purchasing the best portable electric fence for horses. The higher the break weight, the less likely your large horses will be able to break through the fencing successfully. For large horses, a high break weight is desirable.

  • Installation

It is also essential you choose an electric fence that is easy to install and reel in. The fencing should contain a spool that makes it easy to unroll and reel back in. All fencing above is easy to install, so you should have no problems.

Electric Fence Vs. Solar Fencing: Which One Is Right for You?

In this review, we have focused on the best horse electric fence review, though there are solar models to consider. If you are using temporary horse fencing, you will likely find traditional electric models easier to manage because you do not have to worry about setting up solar panels.

The above fencing is all electric simply because that is what I prefer to use around the farm. In my years of owning horses, I have found electric models to be more reliable and better controlled.

No matter which of the above you choose, you can rest assured that the fencing will hold a constant low-level current, depending on your settings, that will allow your horses to stay safely corralled.

As with any electric fencing, you must properly install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Always connect the fencing wire to permanent fence posts.

Are electric fences safe for horses?

Many horse owners worry about using electric fencing because it is unsafe. Electric fences do not deliver a high level of electricity. They will give your horses a small buzz that can be adjusted according to the size and training of the horse.

You can feel confident using any of the above fencings because they are all considered safe for horses as long as they are correctly installed and used. As always, you should carefully train your horse in a controlled environment to ensure they are ready to be fenced with electric fencing.

What not to do

You should never wrap the wires around trees when installing an electric fence. This type of fencing needs to be connected to permanent fence posts so the conductivity will remain at a safe level.

You should also avoid putting a strong amount of tension on the fencing because this can impair its performance and put it under too much strain, leading to damage.

It is also essential you install your electric fence with proper grounding. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a safe installation.


We always like to end our reviews with a FAQ because we often hear from readers like you who have a lot of questions regarding the products we present. Here, we would like to answer of few of the most-asked questions.

How much grounding is needed for an electric fence?

While different fence setups may present different needs, electric fence grounding is a rule of thumb. You will need about three feet of grounding for every joule of electrical output from your energizer.

Will my horses remember the fence is electric?

As you likely know, horses are intelligent creatures who learn quickly. With proper training, your horses will respond appropriately and remember the fencing by sight and sensation. It does not take long to train them.

Is a fence energizer necessary?

Your electric fencing will need electricity from an outside source, so an energizer is necessary.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this review and that it has helped you to learn more about the best electric fence for horses. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. No matter which fencing options you choose, you can rest assured your horses will be safely corralled.

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