10 Best Saddle Pad for Barrel Racing- Take Riding to the Next Level

Barrel racing is far different from other types of riding, which means that you will need the right gear to ride properly. This includes suitable saddle pads, of course. After all, the sport of barrel racing can be very demanding. However, with all of the available options, it’s sometimes challenging to find the best saddle pad for barrel racing that will work well for you and your horse. In the article below, we will be looking at the best options available so you can find the best barrel racing saddle pads.

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In a hurry? This is our Winner!
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Diamond Wool Contoured Tough Barrel Saddle Pad

  • Highly durable saddle pad
  • It provides a nice aesthetic
  • Comfortable for the horse
  • Only available in a single color

Do I Need a Different Pad for Barrel Racing?

One of the common questions that people ask when barrel racing is whether they need to have a different saddle pad for racing. While it might seem like the saddle pads are the same, you must ensure that’s right for racing. You have to consider the size and the type of material, which will be discussed below.

Fleece vs. Wool Saddle Pad

One of the debates that barrel riders will often have is whether they should choose a fleece saddle pad or a wool saddle pad. The most popular for barrel racing tend to be compressed wool pads, at least with many of the top barrel racers. This is a good option, as it can help to pull moisture from the horse’s back, which can help them to stay more comfortable.

In most cases, wool is going to win out over fleece. This is because fleece pads tend to roll up and bunch up, which is not good when riding. However, some horses might be sensitive to wool and will feel better-using fleece. A great option in those cases is to consider a fleece-lined wool pad.

Our Favorite Barrel Racing Saddle Pads – Reviewed for 2022

Image Product Technical Spec Price
Our Top Pick

Diamond Wool Contoured Tough Barrel Saddle Pad

Diamond Wool Contoured Tough Barrel Saddle Pad
  • Brand: Diamond Wool
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 4.74 pounds
  • Size: 30″ x 30″ x 1″
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Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Barrel EVA Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Barrel EVA
  • Brand: Weaver Leather
  • Color: Dark Slate/Orange
  • Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 2 inches
Check Price
Weaver Leather All Purpose Contoured Barrel Saddle Pad Weaver Leather All Purpose Contoured Barrel Saddle Pad
  • Brand: Weaver Leather
  • Color: Teal/Green
  • Weight: 4.11 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 x 17.5 x 3 inches
Check Price
CHALLENGER Thick Horse Saddle PAD CHALLENGER Thick Horse Saddle Pad
  • Color: Brown with Brown Wear Leather
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Dimensions: 32″ Spine x 15″ Drop, 3/4″ Thick
Check Price
Synergy Contoured Barrel Performance Saddle Pad Synergy Contoured Barrel Performance Saddle Pad
  • Brand: Weaver Leather
  • Color: Black/Red Clay
  • Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Measures: 32″ L x 34″ W
Check Price
5 Star Equine Products Flex Fit Saddle Pad 5 Star Equine Products Flex Fit Saddle Pad
  • Brand: 5-Star Equine Products
  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Wool
  • Size: 1″ X 30″ x 30″
Check PriProfessional’s
NL’s Choice Saddle Pad
  • BranProfessional’snl’s Choice
  • Color: Black
  • Weight:1 Pounds
  • Pad size:” 29″ x” 30″
Check Price
Tahoe Double Back Fleece Tahoe Double Back Fleece
  • Brand: Tahoe Tack
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎27 x 31 x 1 inch
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Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad
  • Brand: Weaver Leather Store
  • Color: Mojave – Black/Red Clay
  • Style Name: Wool Blend Felt Liner
Check Price
CHALLENGER Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic CHALLENGER Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic
  • Color: Charcoal Grey/Brown
  • Weight: 1 Pound
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Top 10 Saddle Pads for Barrel Racing in 2022

Below, we have collected the best barrel saddle pads on the market today and have provided a brief review and overview of each of them, along with some pros and cons to help guide you in your decision.


#1) Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Barrel Performance Saddle Pad

Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Barrel EVAThe Weaver Leather Synergy saddle pad seen here has a great design that will contour to your horse’s back and be comfortable for them while you are riding.

One of the reasons that the saddle pad is so popular with barrel riders is that its shape helps reduce saddle roll while providing a natural fit. It measures” 32″ x” 43″ 1″. The EVA sport foam used in the saddle helps with ventilation and breathability.

It is also impact-absorbing, making the ride and race more comfortable. The natural wool helps to wick the moisture away from your horse, which helps to keep it cool. Having a comfortable horse will keep the horse happy, which means you will be a happy rider.

The saddle is also lightweight, making it a good choice for barrel riders. It is comfortable for the horse as well as the rider. The material is high quality, and it will not degrade over time. In addition to being an excellent choice for barrel racers, the saddle pad works very well with short-skirted saddles. Those who use the pad with their horses are pleased with the overall quality and the fact that it will not roll while riding.

  • Contoured leather spine for better airflow
  • Choose from a wide range of color options.
  • Merino wool is a great choice for horses that have sensitive skin
  • Only available in one size

#2) Diamond Wool Contoured Tough Barrel Saddle Pad

Diamond Wool Contoured Tough Barrel Saddle PadThe Diamond Wool contoured tough barrel saddle pad is a great solution for riders looking for a reliable pad that is comfortable for both horse and rider.

Those looking for a new saddle pad for barrel riding will want to consider this option from Diamond Wool. It has a nice appearance that can work well with many different setups—the saddle pad measures” 30″ x” 30″ 1″.

It is an excellent, dense saddle pad with a contoured spin and a wither notch relief. It has been reinforced using distressed leather.

The pads are made using the company’s “s “Ranch To” GH” wool felt, which i” 1″ thick, offering a nice and comfortable ride. Since it is wool, it also means that it can help to wick away sweat from the horse, which will help to keep the animal nice and cool even when barrel racing. The pad has been cut to fit Western round skirt saddles.

The pad is durable and comfortable and can be an excellent choice if you are barrel riding or just want a quality pad for riding the trails. The thick pad will keep their horse nice and happy no matter where they are riding.

  • Highly durable saddle pad
  • It provides a nice aesthetic
  • Comfortable for the horse
  • Only available in a single color

#3) 5 Star Equine Products Flex Fit Saddle Pad

5 Star Equine Products Flex Fit Saddle PadThe Flex-Fit Saddle Pad from 5 Star Equine provides a natural color and an excellent fiIt’st’s a quality option for anyone who is barrel racing.

The saddle pad measures” 32″ x” 32″ and is thick enough to provide comfort for the horse and the rider. Since it is made from 100% pure virgin wool, it will wick away the moisture from the horse to help keep it cooler and more comfortable while riding.

It is easy to clean, and the design helps to keep the saddle stable with limited cinching.

The pad helps to eliminate sore backs, and you will also find that the pad is very durable. It can provide you with 2000 or more hours before needing to be replaced. It is a soft pad that provides a perfect fit with no break-in time. The back of the pad is slightly rounded as well, which makes more room for the hip. The full-skirted pad can work well for many different types of riding in addition to barrel racing. It works well for those out riding trails, ropers, cutters, reiners, and more.

This is a high-quality saddle pad that looks great and could be a perfect choice to consider for your next pad.

  • No need to break the pad in
  • Made from pure virgin wool
  • Hand-made in the USA

  • Depending on the size of your horse, it could be a little large

#4) Tahoe Double Back Fleece & Wool Felt Padding Barrel Saddle Pad

Tahoe Double Back FleeceBarrel racers looking for a high-quality saddle pad that will give them the best of both worlds will want to consider this pad from Tahoe Tack.

There are many things to enjoy about this saddle pad. It is durable and made from a quilted cotton blend over double-back fleece with wool felt padding.

You can handwash this pad and then hang it to dry, and it will continue looking great and holding up for many years to come.

The wool felt underlining is non-slip, so you can be sure it will stay in place, and your tack will stay in place. This is undoubtedly important during your barrel turns. The soft felt lining also feels comfortable for the horse.

Another benefit of this saddle pad is that multiple colors are available. You can choose black, green, purple, royal blue, and turquoise. The pad is contoured to the horse’s back and has plenty of room near the withers. The pad was designed for round skirt barrel saddles, but it can work well with any barrel saddle or western saddle. This saddle pad measures” 27″ x” 31″, and it has a 1″ .5″ drop length.

  • Fitted specifically for barrel saddles
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Highly durable for longevity

  • Has more of a modern look rather than traditional

#5) Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad

Weaver Leather All Purpose Contoured Barrel Saddle Pad

The Weaver Leather All Purpose Contoured Barrel Saddle Pad is one of the most popular barrel racing saddle pads on the market, thanks to its gorgeous design and outstanding material quality.

The saddle pad has a 0.88-inch Merino wool fleece bottom and a felt insert for maximum comfort for you and your horse. In addition, it has a maize fleece underside that adds to the horse’s comfort while wearing it. It also fits precisely on every horse, a crucial element to consider while barrel racing.

The pad is wonderfully crafted with a Herculon cover by Weaver Leather, allowing it to prevent mold mildeWhat’sht’s more striking is its lightweight design, making it easy to handle and use, particularly for sanitation. The saddle pad is simple to clean and does not take long to dry. This pad is both high-quality and attractive, with a gorgeous teal and green Western pattern.

The Weaver Leather All Purpose Contoured Barrel Saddle Pad (36-9307-H37) is, without a doubt, the most durable, efficient, and beautiful saddle pad for any barrel racer.

  • Precise and snug fit, perfect for barrel racing
  • Eye-catching and innovative Western design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comfortable to wear for your horse
  • Some may not prefer such a thin saddle pad
  • Not a lot of variety in the colors

#6) Challenger Wool Felt Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

CHALLENGER Thick Horse Saddle PADThis saddle pad is one of the softest on the market. Made from soft wool felt, it conforms to the horse’s back, preventing the saddle from causing the horse discomfort. This pad has a 30-inch spine and a 15-inch drop.

With this saddle pad, heat will not build up, and sweat is wicked away, keeping horses much more comfortable during races or long rides. In addition to the heavy-duty wool felt, full-grain leather applications on the spine and sides make this saddle pad much more durable than other types.

This saddle pad provides an excellent fit and stays secure even on the toughest of rides. It does not slip around and bunches up under the saddle. Once in place, it stays in place for the entire ride.

Because of its high comfort level, horses do not mind having this saddle pad on their back. Challenger has thought of every detail, which shows in the stitching and craftsmanship.

Your horse will thank you for the significant amount of comfort they experience with this pad. No longer will you have to worry about saddle sores because your horse will be fully protected at all times. This saddle pad also helps to ensure the saddle fits precisely.

  • Heavy-duty material with full-grain leather for added durability
  • Wool felt stays soft and supple, even after many rides
  • Conforms to the curves of the horse’s back for extreme comfort
  • Stays in place on long rides and races
  • Only comes in one size

# Professional’sl’s Choice Elite Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

Professional’s Choice Saddle PadThis pad is made with barrel racers in mind and is meant to provide the highest level of comfort for horses. The extra padding and soft material conform to and cradle the horse’s back, so they do not experience any discomfort from the saddle.

The pad is made from layered felt and offers shock protection to the horse’s spine. Shock protection is not always found in saddle pads but is vital, especially when barrel racing. With the shock protection in place, horses will not experience painful jolts that can occur without a saddle pad.

This saddle pad is” 29″ by” 30″. This is a perfect standard size for most horses and should fit soundly. With leather reinforcements along the spine, you can rest assured this saddle pad will remain durable and will not break down.

With the sweat-wicking material, horses are less likely to experience overheating and saddle sores, which can quickly put them out of the race. This saddle pad stays in place and offers a snug fit while comfortably cradling the horse’s spine.

  • Offers a snug and precise fit
  • Soft felt design and padding protect the horse’s vulnerable spine
  • Leather accents add to the pad’s durability and style
  • Moisture-wicking material keeps the horse cool
  • Available in only one size

#8) Weaver Leather Woven Barrel Racing Saddle Pad

Synergy Contoured Barrel Performance Saddle PadWeaver is a name many horse racers have come to rely on for all their padding needs. Having the right saddle pad will help to reduce friction against the horse’s skin, which can lead to saddle sores and irritation.

This is one of the larger sizes of saddle pads and measures” 32″ by” 34″. Weaver made this saddle pad with a unique wool material that provides extreme comfort and moisture-wicking ability.

It also features a shock-absorbing EVA sport foam, which helps to prevent painful jolts to the spine, keeping horses comfortable and protected throughout barrel races.

The contoured design fully conforms to the horse’s back and stays in place, even on long rides or during barrel racing. A slipping saddle pad can cause extreme discomfort and serious injuries.

This saddle pad is genuinely rugged and is made with exacting detail, including leather accents along the spine that help to make the pad more durable.

This saddle pad also offers an attractive Southwestern design, which many horse racers enjoy. There is also an option for merino wool for horses with sensitive skin. With the pad in place, a higher level of comfort can be achieved for both horse and rider. This saddle pad is ideal for horses who need added support.

  • Genuine wool ensures proper moisture-wicking for extreme comfort
  • Leather accents make this saddle pad more durable.
  • Merino wool is available for horses with sensitive skin
  • Contours to the horse’s back
  • May not fit smaller horses

#9) Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad

Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad

The Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance SaddPad’sPd’s most noteworthy feature is its excellent contouring on a horse’s back for optimal comfort throughout your rides.

The brand has designed the saddle pad with a form that minimizes any saddle roll while keeping a natural fit on the horse. This saddle pad comprises EVA sports foam and promotes breathability and ventilation, preventing sweat and dirt accumulation. In addition, raw wool material keeps the wick free of moisture on your horse, keeping you and your stallion cool for the best experience.

Furthermore, this saddle pad is lightweight, making it an excellent choice for barrel riders who want to keep themselves and their horses comfortable. The brand guarantees that the material is of a high-quality, long-lasting design. Finally, you can also use this for saddles with short skirts.

The Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle Pad is the best alternative today for exceptional barrel racing performance.

  • Allows ventilation with EVA sports foam
  • Contoured leather for the best fit
  • Has different colors to choose from
  • Designed with merino wool for horses with sensitive skin
  • It is only available in one size

#10) Challenger Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic

CHALLENGER Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic

The Challenger Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic 3981 has one of the most well-known softest saddle pads available today, providing extreme comfort for you and your horse everywhere you go.

This material is made of soft wool felt and conforms well to the horse’s back, alleviating any pain the animal may feel from the saddle. Furthermore, the soft wool is excellent at wicking away heat and sweat, keeping your horse cool and comfortable throughout lengthy rides or races. The saddle pad is reinforced with high-quality full-grain leather on the sides and spine for added durability.

The craftsmanship and stitching of the saddle pad are visible, which is more than a plus, given the extreme comfort it can provide. Its design also allows it to fit your horse perfectly, ensuring that it stays secure and in place throughout the ride, whether it’s t’s for a race or a long ride. Moreover, the pad has a spine length of 30 inches and a drop length of 15 inches, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience at all times.

On top of that, the Challenger Contour Wool Felt Orthopedic is available in a variety of exciting colors, including Charcoal Gray, Purple Black, Red with Brown Wear Leather, Teal Brown, Turquoise Black, and Turquoise Brown.

  • Heavy-duty, sturdy, and full-grain leather material
  • The wool maintains its softness and suppleness
  • Conforms to the horse’s back easily
  • It keeps itself in place throughout the ride
  • . Available in only one size
  • It might be a bit too light for some users

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Saddle Pad for Barrel Racing


When you are looking for the best saddle pad to use for barrel racing, there are several things that you are going to want to consider when you make your choice. Above are some of the best on the market, but you will still want to understand better what you should be looking for when deciding. Below are a few areas you will want to consider closely when buying.

  • The Length

The pad’s length will be necessary for barrel racers, but the exact size that will be right for you will depend on the size of your horse. The size of the saddle pad will typically have a length of between” 28″ and” 32″, but this can vary. You want to ensure that you have a pad that is not too short or too long.

Essentially, you want to look for a pad that is neither too short nor too long based on your horse’s back. A longer pad works well for horses with a longer back, but if the pad is too long, it can interfere with the horse’s stride.

  • The Material

Choosing a suitable material is essential, as well. Earlier, we talked about the benefits that wool can offer. Typically, this is what you will look for in the best saddle pad for barrel racing or any type of riding.

You can choose other options, but wool is generally the best choice for you and your horse. Some horses will prefer fleece; however, as long as it does not roll too much during a racist’s okay to use fleece.

  • Thickness

The barrel racing pad needs to be thick enough that it will able to ensure comfort during the ride and race, but you do not want it to be so thick that it slows the horse down. Anything up to an inch of thickness should not be a problem.

  • Check Reviews

In addition to learning about the saddle pads here, make sure you check barrel racing saddle pad reviews before buying the pad. Take the time to find the saddle pad right for you and your horse.

FAQs about Barrel Racing Saddle Pads

  • Can I use the saddle pad for multiple horses?

If you have multiple horses around the same size, it is possible to use the same saddle pad among the horses. However, it tends to be a better idea to choose saddle pads for each horse. This will ensure you get the right size and style that works with each horse. The horses can get accustomed to the pads, and you can ensure that each horse has the right pad for them.

  • How long does a saddle pad typically last?

Most of the time, a saddle pad will last a rider between two and three years. Of course, this timeframe can and will change based on a number of different factors. For example, the amount of time you spend using the saddle pad will cause wear and tear. If you use the pad often, it may not last as long as those who use it less often. In addition, the amount of care you provide the pad will make a difference. You need to ensure that you keep it clean and in good shape if you want it to last.

  • How do I clean the saddle pad?

Another frequently asked question is how to clean the saddle pad. Most importantly, you will find that cleaning a wool saddle pad is the same between brands. You will want to start by scrubbing the pad with a rubber curry comb. Use the same type of circular motion that you would use when currying your horse. Make sure that you remove all of the loose dirt and other debris that might be in the saddle pad. Then wash the pad. Air dry it by hanging it. That’s all there is to keep the saddle pad clean. By keeping the saddle pad in great shape, you can help to increase its longevity.

Final Words

The right gear makes all the difference in the world. This is true even of something as simple as a saddle pad. You and your horse will know if you ever have a low-quality pad. You want to ensure that you get high-quality saddle pads for the horse’s comfort and performance while you are barrel racing.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you should be looking for and the best options on the market find your best saddle pad for barrel racing. Take your riding and racing to the next level with the right pad.

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