War Horses Name

Naming a horse really needs some kind of reason if not inspiration or just something attached to it. War horses are specifically trained for war and they are trained to be hard and strong so that they can be part of the intensive activity on the battlefield. What the war horses name are derived from could be an inspiration from past wars, some attribute, or anything else. 

The naming however needs to be done in certain ways, for example, there are names for male horses, female horses, and many other factors. So that is why it’s important to find all about war horse names to find the best war horses name for your horse.

War horses are not very common nowadays but they are as popular as they were when they were the only means of battle on the move. They might be used in rare cases sometimes. Horses were used for war in the past. 

Some of the great historical wars were fought on horseback. There was a huge meaning in naming the horses strong and bold names. Now that horses are almost no longer used for war, you might just want to name your horse a strong and bold name related to war stuff and that is why we are looking at them.

Naming War Horses

Now, there are male and female horses and they can both be used for war. Naming them has a slight difference but it looks at similar features. According to the horses that have been named strong and bold names, there have been some common names that naturally belong to males while others naturally belong to a female. 

We are going to list a few of the names that belong to male and female horses before looking at other factors that we consider in naming them.

Male war horse names Female war horse names
Napoleon Valerie
Persus Trudy
Mufasa Bela
Alexander Gypsy
Highboy Sergeant reckless
Ethan Ellen
William Juno
Lancelot Hermione
Caesar Daenerys

 What we Consider in Naming War Horses

As you may realize, almost all of the names above refer to some great war power or eat personality or any other powerful person or a state that was a great warhead at one point in history. It goes with the person or the state, but very few of the names can be shared by male and female horses. 

You notice some kind of similar trend in the naming and that is what we should be keen about. Now, what are some of the factors we consider when naming war horses?  They include the following;

  • Preference

Preferences are very key in naming horses and especially war horses. Due to a strong and bold attribute, some kind of favorite warhead, some person with strong attributes, or any other things that might fall within your preferences could be the one thing that you consider every time you decide to name your warhorse. Besides, how you want it to be counts so much.

  • Whether the horse is male or female

Horses might be naturally strong and muscular, but not all of them are masculine. We have male and female horses and both can be used for war and they can share some attributes. Naming them cannot, therefore, take the same course and there has to be a difference in the naming to differentiate them.

  •  Attributes

Either the horse or the name of what or who you name it after could be having an attribute that you like and that might lead you to the name you want. 

Some horses would naturally remind you of some attribute you saw somewhere or some horse that behaves the same and might lead you to the ideal war horse’s name that you need. Attributes are a great part of where we derive the names for the war horses.

  • How you train your horse

Some people train their horses to attain some attributes only and that might be the only thing that leads us to the name that we might want to give to the war horse that we are training. Sometimes the horse might not be for war but you want it to have some bold and string attribute and you’re training it for that, a name that depicts such attributes will crown the whole process.

  • Tribute or inspiration

War is unpredictable and wars led to great losses in the past. As part of the tribute to those who lost their lives to civil wars or many other wars, naming a horse after it could be a great way. Sometimes, you like a certain group that won the war and you want to name your horse after them. 

These could be very great and inspirational factors for war horses’ names. Here are tributary names derived from past wars that could be a good choice for your war horse.

  1.  Warren
  2. Ajax
  3. Prince
  4. Milroy
  5. Jennie
  6. Grey eagle
  7. Harry
  8. Captain

All these are names associated with either a war personality it a war that was significant in the history of a certain place or country, or even the world. Basing on such factors, the names can give you either your strong stallion or mare depending on how want it and what attribute they have. 

War horse names are all about having some reason behind them or an inspiration. Even if your horse is for racing, you might find that attribute in some war horse names, and they can still serve the same purpose.

War Horses Name – Final Words

We can list and list the names but we cannot just finish them. What we need to know importantly is that we have a few factors as we have discussed above which will obviously shorten the process but at the same time find the ideal war horses name that you need. 

The inspirations mostly come from the war tributes or attributes associated with some certain war personalities alongside other inspirations or tributes for something about the historical wars. Considering all these factors, coming up with the ideal war horse name will not be anything difficult.

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