How to Soften Stiff Rope

If you use ropes for longer durations they tend to become very old and extremely stiff. Using stiff ropes is very difficult, especially if you are using nylon ropes. In case you are using stiff ropes and would like a change for once, this article is meant for you. Down below we have provided you with some of the means of how to soften stiff rope in order to ease work. As you will notice, it is very easy to soften stiff ropes at home.

How the Ropes are Manufactured

Ropes are manufactured by use of fabrics of which are then twisted on the yarns and finally indifferent bunches they are stranded together. After successfully stranding the ropes together in the different groups, they are then braided in order to form complete ropes. 

There are numerous fabrics or rather materials of which are used to manufacture ropes that include nylon, cotton among others.

The ropes are twisted and braided together. These two processes aid in making the ropes strong enough hence they do not easily break. When manufacturing ropes, usually the ropes are double-twisted and triple-twisted in order to aid the ropes from entanglement. 

The fabric separate strands are usually soft. Three-stranded types of ropes is generally resistant to factors such as abrasion hence one can handle them roughly. This makes them a good option for various applications.

Is Using Fabric Softener Safe from Your Ropes?

As we have already discussed using the fabric softener is one of the best ways to soften your stiff ropes. It is very safe to use the fabric softener to wash your ropes as it does not harm the ropes in any way as opposed to using detergents or rather hard soaps of which tend to harm ropes in an effort to make them soft. 

In regards to the amount of fabric softener to be used, it should be a small amount of which will clean all your ropes and soften them.

How to Soften Stiff Rope

As we have already discussed above, over a certain duration of time, ropes tend to become more hard and very stiff, hence using the ropes becomes very difficult. In case your ropes are very stiff, you can buy new ropes to replace the old ones, but if you want to soften them, down below we have provided you with some of the means that you could use.

One of the best ways recommended by most people to easily soften stiff ropes is by use of a good fabric softener. The work of the fabric softener is to act as a lubricate of which could easily reach the braids thus softening your rope. In case you could not be able to find a good fabric softener, you could place the ropes in a certain mesh bag in order to wash them properly and soften them. 

Most of the experts recommend that you keep the ropes in freshwater or rather in a solution containing fabric softener so as to be able to easily soften the stiff ropes. The above-mentioned methods are among the easiest, in order to successfully soften your stiff ropes back at home.

It is recommended that you wash the ropes occasionally in order to ensure the ropes last for a longer duration. Clean ropes tend to last longer as opposed to dirty ropes. You should never wash your ropes by use of a washing machine, as the ropes should be washed in a gentle manner. You should be in a good position to conventionally wash the ropes. 

Simply just take a bucket full of water, add some fabric softener to form a solution and finally dip your ropes inside. You can soak the ropes overnight or rather even for an hour depending on which you prefer. Harsh detergent powders and soaps should not be used. After soaking, you should be in a good position to wash them properly and hang them outside in order to completely dry.

Test the ropes

As of now, you are already aware of how to soften stiff rope, it is now time to test the ropes to ensure that they are soft. You can easily test the rope, by putting it slightly over a fire. This method although is not recommended as it can easily damage your ropes. 

You can instead decide to use other methods to test the softness of your rope. You should not pull a stiff rope as this will stress the joint of the rope between the saddle and the rope itself, which could lead to your rope breaking, something that you want to avoid as much as possible.

Improve the rope’s flexibility

You can easily improve the flexibility of your rope by stretching it out. In case your rope back at home is very stiff, you can improve its flexibility by simply stretching it out but not that hard. 

Most of us tend to uncoil and roll ropes in order to keep them well organized and compact, although this comes with a big cost as your rope will become stiff and very difficult to use. The best method to ensure that your rope is usually soft at all times is not to coil the rope firstly.

Regularly use your rope

Frequently using your rope for various activities back at your home, will ensure that the ropes are maintained in a good shape, hence the ropes won’t be stretched or melted. In case you don’t use your ropes that frequently, this will cause the rope fibers to become very hard and difficult to work with. 

Before resorting to bending or heating your rope back at home, you should be in a good position to loop the rope a number of times. You should prevent the ropes from drying, in order to ensure the rope remains strong in order to ease work back at home.

Store the rope properly

Leaving your rope outside will encourage the entry of mold and bacteria hence the rope will not dry off properly. As of now, you are already aware of how to soften stiff rope and ensure that it lasts for longer durations. 

It is mandatory that you take good care of your rope back at home and ensure that is as soft as possible in order to easily work with it for longer durations.

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