How to Clean Horse Brushes

In case you own a horse, it is mandatory that you keep the horse’s brush clean at all times in order to ensure your horse has good performance. Down below, we will clearly show you how to clean horse brushes. 

Usually, horse brushes tend to get dirty quickly, hence investing in a good set of horse brushes and ensuring that they are clean always, is very important in assisting them to last for longer durations and be very effective. 

Before you start cleaning, you should be in a good position to choose the best method to clean the brushes. Even though synthetic brushes are able to tolerate strong detergents, natural horse brushes require a little more care.

Items You Will Require

In order to effectively clean your brushes, you will require some items of which include

  • The dirty brushes for your horses
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Towel 
  • A drying place for the brushes

First Step

You first have to gather all your horse brushes in one place. After you have successfully done this, using the hairbrush, you should be in a good position to get out the hairs especially the long ones, and in order to remove the dust and dirt out, you should run the rubber curry slightly over the brushes bristles. 

Usually, there is plenty of dust and dirt hiding in the brushes. After you have successfully cleaned the brushes, you should prepare a bath for the brushes. You can instead bring the brushes and clean them in the sink by use of warm water.

Washing Your Brushes

In order to successfully wash your brushes, you should add shampoo or rather dish soap and add them two at a time into the warm sudsy water. You recommend that you start cleaning the synthetic brushes first. 

Wash first the back of the brushes and using the horsehair brush, run through your bristles. This is to ensure the dirt is loose as the soapy warm water assists with this.

After you have successfully finished cleaning the synthetic brushes, you should be in a good position to repeat the procedure with the real brushes. In case your brushes comprise wood backs, there should not be soaked for too long. 

This will force the wood to warp and finally crack. It is not that necessary that you soak the brushes in water. Even when the horse brushes are very dirty, you can still decide not to soak them. 

Finally, rinse the horse brushes thoroughly till no soap is left. You should be in a good position to repeat the procedure for all the horse brushes available and let them out to dry, while the bristles are down.

Clean Horse Brushes

After the horse brushes are completely dry, usually it takes a few hours in the sun for them to completely dry, you should be in a good position to store the brushes in a clean place. 

It’s very satisfying to know that you have clean horse brushes of which will last for longer durations if properly taken care of. Most of the horse brushes are generally expensive hence it is important that they last for longer durations.

How to Clean Horse Brushes Effectively

In case you decide in using synthetic brushes in natural brushes or bright colors, this acts as a good investment for your horse hence properly taking care of them will definitely extend their life. 

You should be in a good position to properly store your horse brushes in order to protect the bristles from being smashed or cramped. It does not matter which grooming tote or box you choose, your main goal should be protecting the bristles simply by storing them properly and neatly.

You can store the horse brushes easily by ensuring the brushes stand upright such that each brush is able to balance properly on its respective solid handle. As of now, you are already aware of how to clean horse brushes and properly storing them. 

Dirty horse brushes mean that your horse is usually dirty, something that you should avoid at all costs. Brushing the horse at your home ideally means scrapping the curry or rather shedding blade slightly against the bristles’ tips in order to perfectly remove dust from your horse.

Eventually, the horse brush is accumulated with grime and sebum, so when you brush the horse, again and again, the grime present on the hairbrush is returned back to the coat of your horse thus leaving your horse still dirty. 

If you neglect cleaning your horse brush for a long period, the horse brush will clump together thus leaving your horse brush less effective and is not able to clean your horse in the right manner. 

Cleaning your horse brush occasionally using water and soap will not only make the horse brush last for longer durations and function better but also reduce the chances of bacteria buildup in the horse brush.

Additional Cleaning Tips

In case your horseback at home has a certain skin disease, it is best that you stop using the brush that you used in that region in order to avoid spreading the contagious disease to the other body parts of your horse. 

Sharing of hoof picks and horse brushes between horses should not be tolerated. You should be in a good position to use separate horse grooming tools for each horse to ensure that you do not spread contagious diseases from one horse to another.

Effective Clean Horse Brushes for Your Horses

As of now, you are already aware of how to clean horse brushes and properly store them in order to endure your horse is on its best performance. With clean horse brushes, you should be in a good position to groom the horse easily and faster. 

Most of the horse riders recommend that in order for your horse to stay healthy and perform day in day out, the horse brush condition is a major factor. The horse brush should occasionally be cleaned, something that is self-explanatory.

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