How Much Sperm Does a Horse Produce?

In terms of how much sperm a horse produces in its lifetime, is billions and billions. A stallion which is a male horse, while ejaculating normally, can release around four billion sperms at a go in order to successfully fertilize an egg. Most of the time, you will find that one sperm has succeeded in fertilizing the egg, but in other rare instances, you can find that none of the sperm ejaculated have fertilized the egg.

Importance of Insemination

Most of the breeders out there tend to ask if the semen volume deposited directly to your mare affects its fertility. In a normal occurrence, when the stallion and the mare mate, the whole ejaculate is naturally deposited in the mare. The semen volume deposited is usually around 50 ml and several billions of sperms are included. However, when artificial insemination is used for the breeding mares, it is very possible to achieve good fertility with the semen volume being as low as ½ ml. in terms of how much sperm does a horse produce, a fully grown stallion can produce around eight billion sperms, with a semen volume of 80 ml, at the concentration of a hundred million sperms per ml or rather a semen volume of 20 ml, at the concentration of four hundred million sperms per ml.

You should be in a good position to know that the ejaculate’s volume is not that important, provided your stallion back at home is healthy and the sperm count is high. Most people recommend drinking horse semen and also bull semen.

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Semen collection

As part and parcel of the breeding soundness examinations, semen is usually collected from the stallions and can also be used in artificial insemination. Semen if which is collected for insemination purposes is generally preferred to be cool and fresh when being shipped to a different location or rather frozen and stored for future use. The most common means to collect semen from your stallion is by use of the artificial vagina. The artificial vagina that is used for the stallions is not that different from the one being used for the larger bulls. A tube can be used as opposed to the collection bottle when the ejaculate volume is large.

Usually, semen is collected from the male horses or rather stallions by use of an ovariectomized or estrous teaser mare. This practice has various disadvantages as it can be very dangerous for the stallion, the mare, and the entire collection team. This is because there is a good chance the stallion bred the mare. In order to offer protection to your stallion, you should be in a good position to hobble the mare in order to prevent it from kicking.

In case you do not want to use the teaser mare method, another alternative that you can consider is the use of the phantom mount, which is very similar to the inanimate mare. It is very easy to train about two or three stallions to mount properly so that the sperms can be easily collected by the use of a phantom. When you decide to use the phantom to successfully collect sperms from your stallion, you should be in a good position for the estrous and live mare to arouse and tease the stallion. You should position the mare teasing the stallion in a good position so that it can easily arouse the stallion, in order for a successful semen collection process.

When you are collecting the semen from the stallion, you should be in a good position to protect yourself at all times. Stallions, as you are well informed, are very large animals, unpredictable, dangerous, and very aggressive. You should always wear your helmet when collecting semen from the Stallion as you are not sure of the next move it will take. They bite, kick and even strike from time to time, hence it is better that you protect yourself at all times. Most of the horses tend to be loyal to their master, hence most of the semen collection tasks have been a success.

Is Horse Sperm Expensive?

Yes, healthy sperm from a mature stallion can be very expensive. Most of the breeders out there are simply willing to give out a lot of money in order for a dose of horse semen. In certain research of the major horse semen sellers, there are more than a hundred different types of horses in their stables of which they sell about eight hundred and seventy-three thousand dollars for every dose. The highest price of the horse semen is around six thousand five hundred dollars.

Horse sperms can also be sold in gallons although it will be very expensive. For one gallon of horse sperms, the amount you are supposed to pay for it comes to around four million seven hundred thousand dollars. This is very expensive for most breeders. This figure is not even close to the expensive horse semen types, hence you can see how expensive horse semen is especially for healthy and mature stallions. The horse semen is usually collected and separated into small tubes referred to as straws. One of the semen straws can be around one thousand two hundred dollars. This is still very expensive for most of the breeders, hence they prefer owning a stallion and ensuring that it matures well and is very healthy.

Conclusion: How Much Sperm Does a Horse Produce?

You should be in a good position to maintain the horse health standards of your horse and ensure that it is strong enough to sire children. As we have already discussed above, in terms of how much sperm a horse produces, a healthy and mature stallion can produce a sperm volume between 25 to 100 ml each day. That’s like a few full tablespoons of horse semen each day. However, this figure varies from time to time depending on certain factors that include the horse’s age, health, and breeding occurrence. There are old stories that give out the information that a horse can produce gallons and gallons of semen. This is very false. A stallion can only produce a few ml, not more than 100 ml a day.

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