How Much Does a Western Saddle Weigh?

In case it is your first time buying a saddle for your horse, you might be asking yourself, how much does a western saddle weigh? Down below, we have provided you with a guide that will assist you in getting the right saddle for horse riding. In terms of how does a saddle weigh, they usually weigh between 10 to 60lbs. the English type of saddles are usually lighter and weigh around 10 to 25 lbs. the western type of saddles usually weigh around 25 to 60 lbs. The style and weight of the saddle will hugely determine the rider’s performance; therefore it is mandatory that you are well informed of the saddle type you want to use.

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Components of a Saddle

The tree

This forms the saddle foundation. The tree offers the saddle its shape. It consists of various padding layers of which are placed strategically around the tree in order to form the saddle’s shape.

The skirting

The skirting on the saddle is a component of which is usually placed on the tree’s front skirt. When your horse is moving, the skirting ensures the saddle does not come off and is in a good position. It also prevents the western saddle type from wearing and tearing.

The felt

It is usually placed on the tree’s top in order to assist in adjusting the saddle to the back of your horse.

Factors Influencing the Weight of the Saddle

The duration of the ride

A major factor of which influences how much does a western saddle weigh is the duration of the horse ride. In case the horse rider intends to take an hour ride or rather two-hour rides, he should be in a good position to use a saddle that will remain comfortable for the whole duration.  Usually, most of the western riders out there take about half-day or day-long trail rides. These types of saddles should be manufactured with materials that will ensure the rider is more than comfortable for long durations.


The buyer’s budget influences the saddle’s weight. You will find out that the saddles which are specially manufactured are usually very expensive and extremely light. Sometimes you can find the buyer can’t afford this type of saddle, hence opts for a clunky and old trail saddle. Therefore the price usually determines the weight of the saddle. It is mandatory that the saddle perfectly fits your horse and is comfortable on him.

The horse’s comfort

The horse’s comfort is a major factor that influences the saddle’s weight. As you are well aware, horses tend to have different weight limits hence the saddles should not be that heavy. There are numerous companies of which have specialized in manufacturing very light western saddles in order to ensure that the horse is very comfortable.

What Usually Makes Your Western Saddle Very Heavy?

The material quantity

As we have already discussed above, the western saddle types can be very large.  Due to the quantity of the material, the western saddle types can increase in weight. Therefore if a lot of materials are used in the manufacture of the saddle, then the saddle will be very heavy. Some of the materials used in the manufacture of saddles comprise suede or canvas, thick leather, and leather or metal embellishments, especially for the western type of saddles.

The material type

The type of fabric or material used in the manufacture of the western saddle types is a major factor that determines the weight of your saddle. There are many different cuts and types of leather that weigh different. In case your saddle has metal embellishments, this will definitely contribute to the weight of the saddle.


Most of the western riders tend to use a lot of saddle accessories of which contribute a great deal to the weight being carried by your horse. The saddle accessories mostly used by the horse riders include stirrup covers, saddlebags, and breastplates. These accessories don’t necessarily add up to the saddle’s weight, although it is mandatory in determining the saddle’s maximum weight of which should be carried by the horse.

The difference in average weights between the western saddle and the other saddle types

How Much Does a Western Saddle Weigh?

As we have already mentioned above, the western type of saddle is heavier as opposed to the other saddle types. The average weight of the western saddle type is close to 60 pounds. In comparison with the western saddle type, the heaviest English saddle can weigh around twenty to twenty-five pounds. The dressage saddle types depending on which model it is can weigh around thirty to thirty-five pounds. As you can clearly observe, the western saddle type weighs more compared to the other saddle types.

There are many reasons that contribute to the weight of the western saddle type. In order to keep the rider comfortable as possible, the saddle should be heavy. The western saddle type can be very heavy as it is manufactured using a certain leather cut that has metal embellishments. The western saddle types are usually heavy because of the saddlebags that are strapped at the back. The western saddle type can also be light in a way, in order to avoid putting stress on your horse’s back.

The exact western saddle weight depends on factors such as the material used in the manufacture of the saddle and the fabric or material amount that is used in its manufacture. The best and most applicable fit for the rider and his horse varies in accordance with the current circumstance. The comfort of your horse should always come first. Keeping this in mind, you should be in a good position to acquire the best and appropriate saddle for your horse.

Conclusion: How Much Does a Western Saddle Weigh?

As of now, you are already know how much does a western saddle weigh and how to effectively use it. You will notice at first, that the western saddle type is heavy though stable. In case you are considering the western saddle type for longer trips or rather for a small horse, the weight is a major factor you should consider. Most importantly effective control and comfort in a horse can’t be achieved unless you consider an appropriate saddle type that you can use.

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