German Horse Names

Germany has a rich equestrian history, and the German language is full of words that make for beautiful names for horses. If you are looking for an impressive, catchy, and memorable name for your horse, the German language will not disappoint you. In this post, we are going to list the most wonderful German horse names. Keep reading.

Horse Names That Reflect Colors

When looking for horse names, most people tend to pick names that reflect the colors of their horses. Here are some great options: 

  1. Moe (male) – Dark-skinned
  2. Brun (male) – Dark-skinned
  3. Kerry (male) – Son of the black
  4. Bruno (male) – Dark-complexioned
  5. Duncan (male) – Brown warrior
  6. Kolby (male) – Dark-haired
  7. Korbinian (male) – Dark as a raven
  8. Brunon (male) – Brown
  9. Burel (male) – Reddish-brown
  10. Semra (female) – Dark beauty
  11. Kiera (female) – Dark beauty
  12. Lela (female) – Black beauty
  13. Duna (female) – Dark one
  14. Gris (female) – Grey warrior
  15. Kea (female) – white
  16. Fiona (female) – fair and white
  17. Win (female – Smooth and white
  18. Alvi (female) white and blonde

German Horse Names That are Inspired by Nature

One of the characteristics of the German words is that they draw inspiration from nature. Here are some beautiful names that are inspired by nature: 

  1. Blume – Flower
  2. Berg – Mountain
  3. Baum – Tree
  4. Holz – Wood
  5. Erde – Earth
  6. Antoine – Flower
  7. Florian – Blooming
  8. Welle – Wave
  9. Wald – Forest
  10. Stein – Stone
  11. Leonard – Like a lion
  12. Kranich – Crane
  13. Adawolf – Noble wolf
  14. Ame – Eagle
  15. Laurel – A sweet bay tree
  16. Lilli – A species of flower
  17. Brock – Badger
  18. Bernadine – Brave as a bear
  19. Bernard – Strong as a bear
  20. Evelyn – Little bird
  21. Eberhard – Brave boar
  22. Rima – White antelope
  23. Leslie – Small meadow
  24. Kiefer – Pine tree
  25. Yara – Little butterfly

German Male Names Signifying Strength

If your horse is all grit, muscle, and power, find a name that conveys a sense of strength. Here are some great options to choose from: 

  1. Alaric – leader
  2. Adalard – courageous
  3. Emery – Brave
  4. Egon – Fiery
  5. Hardy – Strong
  6. Gunther – Warrior
  7. Herman – Warrior
  8. Helmut – Brave
  9. Hedwig – Strong one, fighter
  10. Konrad – Brave counsel
  11. Loring – Famous in battle
  12. Karl – Strong
  13. Baldwin – Brave
  14. Lothar – Army of fame

German Female Horse Names that Signify Strength

Here are some beautiful German names for female horses. These gorgeous and fierce names signify strength.

  1. Aloisa – Famous warrior
  2. Neva – Tribal leader
  3. Alfonsine – One who is eager for battle
  4. Frederika – Peaceful ruler
  5. Freda – Peaceful ruler
  6. Delmira – Noble protector
  7. Gunnel – Battle maiden
  8. Griselda – Grey battle maiden
  9. Gerhardina – Mighty one with a spear
  10. Zelda – Fighting in darkness
  11. Irmina – War goddess
  12. Brunhilda – Warrior wearing an armor
  13. Lotte – Strong
  14. Louisa – Famous warrior
  15. Louana – Graceful warrior
  16. Truda – Fighting woman
  17. Tilda – Mighty in battle

Beautiful Female Horse Names

If you are looking for German horse names for your mare, rest assured that you will find a good one. There are countless stunning female names in the German language. See these examples: 

  1. Annike – Grace
  2. Anja – German mountaineer
  3. Isle – Consecrated to God
  4. Bertina – Bright
  5. Gretta – Pearl
  6. Elsa – Pledged to God
  7. Clarissa – Bright and clear
  8. Adette – Noble and sweet
  9. Magda – High power
  10. Linda – Tender
  11. Greta – Precious gem
  12. Ida – Industrious
  13. Heidi – Noble
  14. Juliane – Youthful
  15. Karlotta – Tiny and feminine

Some More Male Horse Names

If you have a big and mighty male horse, try one of these German horse names. In German-speaking countries, many of these names have been popular for centuries. 

  1. Manfred – A man of peace
  2. Kasper – Treasurer
  3. Johann – God is gracious
  4. Carsten – Christian
  5. Theobald – Courageous people
  6. Otto – Wealth
  7. Hulbert – Elegant
  8. Fedde – Peace
  9. Bren – Flame
  10. Valentin – Strong heart
  11. Koen – Wise
  12. Delmar – Born in the sea
  13. Wiley – Brilliant
  14. Ryker – Rich

Choosing a Name for Your Horse

Every horse owner knows how important it is to select a name for their horse. However, finding a suitable name for your horse may not be easy. Before you choose a name, you should take your time and do some research.

What things should you consider when choosing a name? Well, there are quite a few things to take into consideration, but most importantly you have to make sure the name fits the appearance and personality of your horse.

For a horse owner, choosing a name for a horse is an important decision. So, get to know your horse before you select a name.

If you have bought an older horse that already has a name, feel free to change the name if you do not like it. Choose a name you are comfortable saying. The horse will get used to the name in a few weeks.

For a show horse, the name should be short, so that everyone can say it easily and quickly. However, if you are comfortable with a longer name, that’s fine. Many racehorses have longer, unusual names. It all comes down to your taste.

Your source of inspiration can be just about anything: historical figures, war heroes, Hollywood stars, political leaders, or something hilarious. Just make sure that the name is not offensive to any person or group.

Before choosing a name for your equine friend, try it out for a few days. Spend time with the horse and use the name. Notice if it fits the character and temperament of the horse.

The lifespan of a horse is around 30 years. You are going to use the name for many years to come. That is why choosing a name for a horse is such an important decision.

German Horse Names – Conclusion

Choosing a name can be hard. But the good news is, German is a rich language, and you have plenty of options to choose from. There are countless German horse names. So, if you do a little bit of research, you will find the perfect name for your equine friend.

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