8 Best Hoof Supplement for Horses 2022 – Review & Top Picks

We’ve all heard of the saying “No hoof, no horse,” and there couldn’t be any truer words. Imagine yourself weighing 1500lbs and having to support that entire body weight over your own feet. That’s a pretty scary prospect indeed.

A horse’s hoof goes through much wear and tear during its lifetime, which can result in cracked hooves and a thin, weak hoof wall. You will often find this stunts the growth of the hoof, which is not ideal.

Proper hoof care is vital for your horse’s well-being, and finding the best horse hoof supplement in the UK is hopefully high on your priority list.

Why do you need a hoof supplement for horses?

Hoof supplements can make a huge difference to the health of your horse’s hooves. Many equines suffer from cracked and brittle hooves, and the hoof wall can become very weak and thin over time.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an older or younger horse — poor hoof care can present itself anytime without proper management. Horses carrying out particular types of work on hard ground (such as roads) can cause their hooves to decline in health.

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In a hurry? This is our Winner!
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Foundation – Hoof Care

  • Highest levels biotin
  • Long-lasting
  • Zinc Proteinate

Hoof supplements can be a great way to repair hoof damage and strengthen the hoof wall. They can assist with hoof growth and provide your horse with comprehensive foot care.

horse Hoof types

Types of Horse Hoof Supplements

Hoof supplements can present themselves in a few different forms. The most common types are in either powder or liquid form. These can be mixed very easily into your horse’s feed, and, for the most part, horses do not even realize it has been included.

Tablets are another form of hoof supplementation, but it is generally much harder to feed your horse in this way. If you are trying to avoid including supplements in your horse’s feed, then tablets may be a good option.

Let’s check out some of the best horse hoof supplements UK right now and how these may be highly beneficial for your horse’s overall hoof condition.

Best Hoof Supplement for Horses Comparing

Image Product Features Price

Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof

Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof
  • Highest levels biotin
  • Long-lasting
  • Zinc Proteinate
Check Price
NAF Five Star Profeet Liquid NAF Five Star Profeet Liquid
  • Healthy liver function
  • Liquid formula
  • veterinarian scientists
Check Price
Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil 5Ltr Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil 5Ltr
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Alfalfa-based
  • Formulated for hoof growth
Check Price
Healthy Hoof Cream Healthy Hoof Cream
  • Proven Formula
  • Condition nails
  • Strengthens nails
Check Price
Foundation - Hoof Care Foundation – Hoof Care
  • BLUE STUFF: HOOFGOLD BlueStuff is an effective
  • Radiation care: the beam provides tendons
  • Effect: if used daily, the affected hoof will improve after just a few days.
Check Price
Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement
  • High methionine levels
  • Highly palatable
  • Large 5-lb bucket
Check Price
Hardy Hoof Formula Hardy Hoof Formula
  • Encourages hoof regeneration
  • Refillable bag
  • Full of Nutrition
Check Price
Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement
  • Easy to feed
  • Economical & highly concentrated
  • Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
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Top 8 Hoof Supplements for Horses in 2022

#1. Foundation – Hoof Care

Foundation – Hoof Care

Foundation Hoof Care is, without a doubt, one of the best hoof supplements on the market. Because of the product’s combination of powerful ingredients, you can be sure to have your horse’s hoof ship shape in no time.

Research-backed ingredients

Knowing that extensive research has been conducted to validate the ingredients is a big plus. We are pleased to say the ingredients used in Foundation Hoof Care get the thumbs up from us.

All ingredients used have been researched and proven highly effective for your horse’s hooves. The addition of Biotin is particularly important since it is one of the most effective supplements for all-around hoof care.

Side effect-free

No one likes the idea of their equine friend feeling unwell or showing symptoms of illness, but trial and error usually play a big part in finding out what works and doesn’t work for your horse.

With Foundation Hoof Care, you have complete peace of mind knowing that this supplement has been formulated with side-effect-free ingredients. This means you never have to worry about your horse having an adverse reaction to this hoof supplement, thanks to its thoroughly researched ingredients — many of which are naturally produced.

  • Thoroughly researched ingredients
  • Side effect-free
  • It helps to create a strong hoof foundation
  • We couldn’t find any negatives for this brand. However, we would like to add that this is quite a small bag and not ideal if you want to buy bulk.

#2. Feedmark Hardy Hoof

Hardy Hoof Formula

Feedmark is an extremely popular brand in the equestrian world. It’s trusted by many and inevitably one that customers return to repeatedly. The reviews for this product also speak volumes.

Encourages hoof regeneration

When your horse’s hoof is damaged, you will often find it does not grow back as quickly. This can be very frustrating, but without some proper TLC, the hoof will likely stay in the same condition.

This is where Feedmark Hardy Hoof comes into the equation. It has been specifically designed to help horses’ hooves that are in very poor condition and have already started to diminish.

If you want your horse to have a strong, resilient hoof once again and maintain that strength for years to come, this may be the right hoof supplement for you.

Refillable bag

The Feedmark Hardy Hoof supplement is sold in a handy refillable bag option. This helps to protect the environment by eliminating unnecessary wastage. Since this product comes in substantial packaging, it makes sense for the tubs to be reused rather than thrown away.

While we think Feedmark could have made these refillable options slightly cheaper, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option, this product could be a fantastic option.

  • Encourages hoof repair and growth
  • Full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Refillable bags (environmentally friendly)
  • This product comes in a variety of large tubs, which may not work well for some, especially if you want to try this out before buying large quantities

#3. Manna Pro Sho Hoof

Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement

Manna Pro Sho Hoof is a customer favorite regarding hoof care. It’s a brand that has been around for as long as we can remember. The advanced formula helps horses develop strong and healthy hooves for all-around hoof care.

High methionine levels

Methionine has proven to be very effective for equine hoof care, and this supplement includes a very high dosage of this ingredient which could work very well for your horse. However, this formula still contains many other ingredients such as zinc, calcium, and Biotin. The methionine will likely do most of the work.

This highly dosed ingredient is an amino acid required by your horse to stay fit and healthy. It works to build proteins and molecules in the body—  which is ideal since the horse’s hoof wall is made up of 90% protein.

Highly palatable

There are some very fussy horses out there! You try to mix supplements into your horse’s feed as thoroughly as possible, but no matter what you do, they know something different about their breakfast.

The Manna Pro Sho Hoof has been formulated, making it very palatable to horses. This means your horse will likely know something is a bit different with their feed, but it tastes and smells so good they can’t help themselves.

  • High methionine levels
  • Highly palatable
  • Large 5-lb bucket (a bulk buyers dream)
  • Methionine doesn’t necessarily work for all horses. The other ingredients may not be that effective in small doses.

#4. NAF Profeet Liquid

NAF Five Star Profeet Liquid

NAF Profeet Liquid is a powerful formula from a popular brand formulated to assist all-around hoof care for your horse. It is specifically very effective in repairing damage to the hoof wall.

Healthy liver function

A healthy liver function is vital for the number one horse in your life. The NAF Profeet hoof supplement provides vital nutritional support to your equine friend — which further helps to support a healthy liver function.

You may ask what this has to do with your horse’s hooves, and the answer is quite a lot. A healthy functioning liver is fundamental to healthy hoof growth. You wouldn’t normally associate the two, but research has shown that the liver greatly impacts your horse’s hooves.

Liquid formula

Many owners find that using a liquid formula is much easier to administer since it works its way into your horse’s feed a little easier than powder, though this is debatable.

This powerful formula is easy to measure out into your horse’s feed. It immerses itself into the mix by completely coating the feed. This has pros and cons, but you will find that most horses will not mind this at all.

  • Promotes healthy liver function, vital for hoof health
  • A liquid formula that mixes in easier with feed
  • Developed by veterinarian scientists
  • Liquid coats the feed, which some horses don’t seem to like.

#5. Top Spec Healthy Hoof

Healthy Hoof Cream

Top Spec is a winning brand that produces some of the best horse supplements on the market. Customers love their Healthy Hoof Supplement best, and we can’t help thinking you will.

Minimal ingredients

You will notice that Top Spec Healthy Hoof does not contain anywhere near the number of ingredients included in other hoof supplements. This isn’t necessarily bad, as many supplements include ingredients that are just not needed. Some of them do not even contribute in the slightest towards hoof health.

The Top Spec Healthy Hoof Supplements contain key ingredients that help a horse’s hoof, such as Biotin, methionine, zinc, and calcium. We love that the ingredients list is relevant and does not contain any unnecessary extras or prohibited substances.

Highly palatable

Many horse hoof supplements do not taste very nice, and some have a distinct bitter taste. The idea is that the supplement mixes well enough into your horse’s feed so they cannot taste the supplement ingredients. However, more often than not, the horse figures out what’s up and disapproves.

The Top Spec Healthy Hoof Supplement has been formulated with a delicious caramel flavoring that disguises any nasty tastes. You can be sure that your horse will be begging you for their next feed.

  • Minimal ingredients
  • Caramel flavoring that horses seem to love
  • Confirms to BETA UFAS NOPS (FEI approved)
  • Isn’t as strong as others on our list.

#6. Dodson & Horrell Hoof Support for Horses

Dodson & Horrell Soya Oil 5Ltr

Dodson and Horrell are the leaders in the horse supplement field, and their hoof support supplement stands up against some stiff competition regarding hoof health.

Perfect for dietary deficiencies

Horses often suffer from weak and brittle hooves due to dietary deficiencies. The Dodson and Horrell Hoof Support Supplement includes ingredients that help with some deficiencies. Its formula includes zinc, Biotin, and methionine, commonly lacking in a horse’s diet even after a diet of their regular feed.

This supplement can help bridge the gap where a deficiency may have occurred, leaving your horse’s hooves in the healthiest condition possible.


The Dodson and Horrell Hoof Support Supplement is an alfalfa-based product that your horse will most likely be very familiar with. Alfalfa is an important forage crop and can be bought widely to feed your horse enough roughage daily.

Alfalfa has a sweet, enticing taste that horses seem to love, so that this supplement can appeal to horses. You will not likely have any issues getting your horse to consume this product.

  • Formulated for hoof growth and quality
  • Ideal for horses that have bad hoof health due to dietary deficiencies
  • Good value for money with various tub sizes available
  • We couldn’t find any negatives with this product!

#7. Hoof First Supplement

Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated HoofThe Hoof First supplement is made by the well-known Irish Brand Horse First, which is quite truly a customer favorite. This product receives some amazing reviews, and we think you will love this product too.

Highest levels of Biotin

The Hoof First Supplement boasts the highest level of Biotin on the market, boasting a whopping 40mg. This is twice as much as most other supplements, and we can’t help but think this is a great idea. Biotin has proven time and time to be highly effective in assisting with hoof growth and hoof repair.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is an important part of your horse’s diet. Extra Biotin that is not needed is generally flushed out through the urine, so overdoses are unlikely.


As well as boasting about its amazing ingredients content, Horse First also claims to have a product that will last twice as long as similar products on the market. Its 2kg tub lasts for around 80 days. You will find that most other supplements of this size only last around the 40-day mark. It is slightly pricier than some of the other brands but will last much longer.

  • Contains 40mg of Biotin (the highest level on the market of this ingredient)
  • It comes in a large 2kg tub that lasts twice as long as other supplements of this kind
  • A trusted brand for complete peace of mind
  • A bit pricier than we would expect, but still a good buy overall.

#8. Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement

 Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof SupplementDo you want to give your horse the best hoof supplement? Then, the hunt is over since the Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement is a fan-favorite and practical supplement.

Pharmaceutical-grade Ingredients

Horse First’s stunning mix, which contains only 32 mg of Biotin per 2 ounces, helps your horse’s hooves grow stronger and quicker. Each dosage provides your horse with more than enough Biotin while offering the finest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

Complete Nutrition Levels

MSM is included in their formula to aid in the nurturing of the hoof’s structural proteins, which are necessary for stout and flexible hooves. It also contains zinc proteinate to improve hoof strength and prevent cracking, methionine for amino acids that contribute to healthy hoof and hair proteins, and proteins derived from a soybean base for healthy, robust hooves with a shiny coat.

With its top-notch formula and results, the Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement is the most accomplished hoof supplement on the market.

  • Outstanding overall performance and results
  • Packaged in a large container for long-term use
  • A trusted brand that has been around for ages
  • On the expensive side compared to other options

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Choosing which supplement to buy for your horse can be a tricky process. With so many on the market, it can be hard to know what will and won’t work well for your horse. There is always an element of trial and error with this process, unfortunately. A few things you should consider before purchasing hoof supplements for your horse may help you decide which ones will be best.horse hoof supplement


Knowing what ingredients are included in your horse’s hoof supplement is important, as this will help you determine how effective they may be. Well-researched ingredients for hoof care are always highly recommended, such as Biotin, Zinc, Copper, Methionine, and Lysine. These are a very good starting point.

Quantity of ingredients

The quantity of ingredients mentioned above is also very important to note. It’s great to have these ingredients included, but if there isn’t enough in the formula, they may not be very effective. Hoof Firsts’ supplement is a typical example of this since it contains high levels of Biotin, which has proven to work well.


Price can be a huge deciding factor. You must remember that you could be feeding your horse hoof supplements daily for up to a year before you start seeing any concrete results.


It’s always very important to read customer reviews to get a good idea of how these supplements work. The reviews are written mainly by equine owners like you and me, and you can be sure that it will get highlighted if there is anything negative to say.



  • How do I know which hoof supplement will work best for my horse?

The short answer is you can never be sure. Trial and error are usually key. However, checking ingredients lists to see what is included in the formula and what quantities can be a good indicator. Customer reviews are also a great way to understand what works and doesn’t. Price may also be a factor for you, but going for the cheapest or the most expensive rarely works.

  • How often do I feed hoof supplements to my horse?

Hoof supplements, in general, should be fed daily to your horse. You will find one or two scoops per feed are usually what is recommended. However, always read instructions clearly  — or you may find you are overdosing or under-dosing your horse.

  • How long will it take to see results?

Be prepared for the long road, as hoof supplements are not particularly fast-acting products. This doesn’t mean they don’t get to work immediately, but it may be some time before you see significant results, especially if your horse’s hooves are in bad condition. Getting your horse’s feet back to good health can take up to a year.

Final Words

We hope that you found our list of horse hoof supplements helpful and informative. Hoof supplements are a great way to manage your horse’s feet daily. They can be a great way to help prevent hoof problems but are also skilled at fixing hoof issues such as cracked, brittle, and weak hooves. They can be a great way also to encourage your horse’s hooves to grow.

As great as hoof supplements can be, don’t expect instant results. Hoof damage can be quite severe and needs a reasonable amount of time to recover, particularly if your horse is taking these for hoof growth. Be patient, persevere, and eventually, it will pay off. Also, look at our detailed guide on the best horse joint supplements & best calming supplements for horses.

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