Horse with Long Hair on Feet

Horses are classified into different breeds in terms of their external physical features such as long hair and different manes sizes. Hereby, we’re going to show you the different horse breeds considering long feet-hair and manes as well. Some horses have furry feet while others do not. All horse breeds containing feathered feet and long hair are known as draught horses, warmbloods, or cold-blooded horses. In this text, we’ll check out the various types of the horse with long hair on feet. Most of these breeds originate from the Northwest of Europe. 

It’s clear that these long feathered horses are beautiful and eye-catching especially during shows and festivals. Some individuals are in love with feathered horses while others tend to trim their horses when grooming them to make them neat and good looking. However, every horse-lover should understand that features such as hair and fur growth are natural and are meant to make the beautiful beast adaptable to certain conditions. 

Why Do Some Horse Breeds Have Long Hair and Feathered Feet?

Naturally, all horses have a varying amount of hair running from the back legs beneath the horse’s knees as well as hocks. Therefore, some horses tend to have longer hair than others depending on their geographical origin and breed. The long hair plays the role of trapping and dripping water coming from grass and ergot from reaching the back of its pastern. On the other hand, horses with feathered feet have an upper hand when encountering sharp edges and brambles on their way when moving around rocky and scrubby places. The furry feet are usually considered a genetic feature that helps the horses survive in cold climates since the hair provides warmth to the horse’s feet. Coming in different sizes and shapes, most horses that have furry feet are the large-draft species. 

Horse Breeds with Feathers (furry feet)

When looking at horses with furry feet, the hair patterns seemingly vary from one horse breed to another. Some stallions might have hair patterns going around the whole half of their lower leg whereby others have fur covering their hooves only. Moreover, research has shown that all horses’ fur growth on the feet goes in hand with the specific bone density of a horse. If the horse breed has denser bones than others, then it’s likely to have a thick layer of feathers running down its lower limbs. Let’s look at the different breeds of horse with long hair on feet. 


Being one of the most popular horses on the long fur horses list, this horse has been showcased in many movies, commercials, and advertisements as well. Using the horse for commercials and marketing purposes made this horse breed famous across the world. This horse breed originates from the River Clyde region in Scotland around the beginning of the 17th century. This breed’s population was grown and established to help royal individuals and owners move around the country during the stallions era. This horse breed stands a height of 17-19 hands ( 1 hand makes 4 inches). It’s popular for its heavily furred feet and a mane which make it eye-catching and outstanding amongst other breeds. 

This ‘draft horse’ is usually suitable for plowing, pulling, and farm labor due to its large, muscular and powerful; body. The Clydesdales is also one of the fastest and active moving horses amongst the large draft breeds. They always come in solid colors black and bay with white markings running down their hocks thus announcing their eye-catching presence.


This is a very popular domestic horse breed across Great Britain. The British Shire horse is popular for its distinctive attractive look which makes it perfect for shows and commercials. The shire is a very tall horse that can grow up to 18 hands or even more. They usually come in grey, bay, or black colors. This breed has feathered feet that have hair around the hooves, an attractive hairy face; and long hair used by its owner to pull carts and during exhibitions. The strong shire was well known for pulling vehicles thus boosting the transport system for the British. 


With a standing height of around 15 hands, the Friesian horse breed is another ‘large draft’ containing feathered feet and long hair. Its body size is usually closer to the Clydesdale though it has fewer feathers compared to the famous Clydesdale breed. In most cases, this stallion comes in black skin color but other colors are usually available as well. 

Gypsy Vanner

This horse type was a result of the Romani interbreeding in Ireland and Britain. Since the Romani loved their horses colorful and eye-catching, the Romani decided to introduce this horse breed and it has evolved to become a real deal. This horse breed is usually shorter when compared to other large drafts since it can barely grow up to 15 hands. The Gypsy Vanner has a dark-colored mane and a thick feathering layer on their feet around each hoof. However, this horse is strong and it’s therefore used to pull vehicles and lift heavy objects regardless of their size and height. It’s one of the shortest horses amongst the horse with long hair on feet stated in this list. 

Icelandic horse

This is another shorter breed just like the Gypsy Vanner and it manages to grow a height of 13-14 hands. The Icelandic horse has long hair that helps it keep up with the cold Iceland climatic conditions. This hair coat grows thicker and becomes wooly especially during the winter season to help our stallion keep warm. It’s famous for its strong body which makes it suitable for races and labor. 


Ponies are distinguished from regular horses when the height factor is brought in. Most people consider any short horses below 14 hands as ponies. However, the original ponies include the attractive dales pony which is mostly used for jumping and riding competitions. Secondly, we have the Fell pony which is one of the most powerful ponies amongst the ‘horse with long hair on feet’ list. This pony can barely grow above 13 hands. It’s a special breed since it can adapt to almost any climate condition. Its extraordinary strength has made it a favorable supply carrier and it could be used during races sometimes. 

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