10 Best Native American Horse Breeds You Should Know

America is home to many horses of all different breeds and types. But, some are native to America. Native horses can be found in the wild or as domesticated animals on ranches across the country.

However, not every horse breed you find in the US was born here. Some were imported from other countries such as England or France for their specific purposes, like working with cattle on a ranch or being a competitive show animal at events like rodeos.

In this blog post, we will explore which breeds of horses are American natives!

The quarter horse:

The quarter horse is one of the most popular breeds in America. They are known for being fast and strong. These horses make great show horses and are also good at working with cattle. The quarter horse usually weighs around 900 pounds. They are not the largest horse breed but are extremely fast and strong. The quarter horse was originally bred for use on ranches and in the west.

The Appaloosa:

This horse breed is native to America. They are known for their distinctive spotted coat, which makes them stand out from other horses. The appaloosa used to be found all over America. Still, they didn’t have any specific purpose like some of the specialized breeds, so they weren’t as popular until recently when people started looking into their history and realized how special these horses were!

Appaloosas also come in various shades, including brown or black with white spots or gray and white stripes instead of just one color like many other horses do. This makes it easy for you to identify an appaloosa because no two look alike!

The Mustang Horse 

 Originally from the Spanish Jennet, this type of horse was bred by Native Americans and had many different colors and patterns. They are known for being sure-footed and fast, but they can also be quite gentle!

The mustang horse usually weighs around 1000-1200 pounds and can grow between 16.0 hands high up to 17.0 or even 18.0! The mustang horse is mighty and is known for being a large breed horse. The mustang horse makes a great horse for children to ride on, but it is also excellent for people who want a horse that will carry their weight.

These horses have been used as workhorses for cattle, but they are also known to have a quick turn of speed and can be used in racing.

The thoroughbreds:

Thoroughbred horses are one of the most popular horse breeds in America. These horses are known for their endurance and long-distance running abilities which is why they were used so heavily in racing.

The thoroughbreds are excellent horses for people who want a horse to jump over obstacles and fences or even an extra large hill.

Thoroughbred horses usually weigh around 1000 pounds and stand between 16-17 hands in height.

Many people who want a horse carrying their weight for long periods will find a thoroughbred to be the perfect horse.

Tennessee Walking Horses:

The Tennessee walking horse is known for their smooth gait and gentle temperament. These horses are often used by people who have physical disabilities because the way they walk is so easy on their joints.

These horses are also very playful and often enjoy being around children because they know that the child will be gentle with them.


Tennessee walking horses make for a wonderful therapy horse. These horses are often used with disabled children or people who are autistic due to their calm demeanor.

Arabian Horses:

Arabian horses are known for their intelligence, courage, and beauty. These horses are often used in dressage because of their gracefulness and ability to be responsive to the rider’s commands. These horses usually weigh about 900 pounds and are about 16 hands high.

Arabian horses have long necks, slender legs, and deep chests, allowing them to gallop for long distances.

Arabian horses are also known as the “fire and ice” horses because of their fiery temperament mixed with their elegance.


A Morgan horse is best known for its trot. Morgan horses are known for their intelligence, courage, and speed.

Morgan horses were bred to be general-purpose horses that could do various jobs.

Morgans are strong horses with a large stride, and their trot is often characterized as high stepping, elastic and lengthy.

A few other breeds with origins outside of America include Friesian Horses (from Holland), Lipizzaners (from Austria), and Caspian Horses (from Iran).

Friesian Horses:

The Friesian horse is best known for its large size and the long hairs that cover its body.

Friesian horses are used for dressage, jumping, hunting, and driving.


The Lipizzaner is a breed of horse that originated in Austria. They are heavy horses with distinctive white markings, including a high-set star on the forehead. Lipizzaner horses usually weigh about 1700 pounds.

Caspian Horses:

The Caspian horse is a breed that originated in Iran, and they are the second-largest horse breed in the world, next to the Shire. They are distinguished by their high tail and mane, often wavy or curly. The Caspian horse can weigh as much as 2600 pounds.


The Shire horse is a breed that originated in the United Kingdom. Today’s largest horses are known for their heavy build, calm temperaments, and gentle dispositions. Shire horses can get to weights of up to 3000 pounds. The shire horse is best known for its appearance in the Lord of the Rings films.

In Conclusion:

Many different breeds originated in America. Most horses were bred for a job in mind. This could include a show horse or a ranch working horse. Regardless of the breed, horses are large, majestically defined animals. If you are interested in learning how to ride a horse, you can find a local stable nearby and ask about horse riding lessons. With a little investigating, you should be able to find a stable close to where you live and enjoy the new hobby of learning how to ride a horse. Always remember to practice safety and wear a helmet when learning how to ride. Lastly, enjoy yourself! Horses can make great companions that can help lower stress levels and allow you to get in a good workout!