10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Horse Riders

When attempting horse riding for the first time, many racing enthusiasts often make some extremely careless mistakes. Several of these mistakes are too grave, compromising your future growth in the sport. We want to examine some of these mistakes and review them. So, here are the10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Horse Riders.

10 Beginning Horse Rider Mistakes

  • #1: Complete disregard for safety

Many people take their safety lightly. They neglect to put on proper riding protective gear. They tend to think that the horse is a safe means of transportation. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are strongly advised to wear the necessary safety footwear and riding helmet. While at it, use the horse’s fly spray to keep it healthy since flies distract a horse and can make your ride more dangerous.

  • #2: Staring at the horses

While riding, many also tend to shift their focus to the horse rather than the trail. This is a dangerous tendency as it predisposes you to the risks of accidents, crashes, and head-on collisions. Moreover, it can make your body too stiff to be highly responsive.

  • #3: Pulling the reins too hard

To control the horse, you will inevitably have to pull the reins. However, it would help if you exercised some moderation in doing so. The underlying reason is the fact that the horses, too, do feel pain. Removing too hard will make them vulnerable to injuries, especially to their mouth, if you use a harness with a bit. ( Check some top joint supplements for your horses on the market )

  • #4: Holding your Breath

It is natural to get frightened and tense while riding your horse. This is understandable, owing to the strange feelings that mounting on horseback brings newcomers. However, this ought not to be the case. Instead, you should smile, hum, sing, or even laugh to relieve the tension.

  • #5: Holding the reins too loose

We have already stated that it is dangerous to hold the reins too tight. The opposite also applies. It is difficult to hold the reins too loose. This will make it almost impossible for you to control your horse as much as you might need to. If your horse gets excited and starts galloping, you can get smacked in the face by tree branches or other hazards.

  • #6: Drawing up your Knees

Quite a few people sit inappropriately on the saddles. (Check the best saddle pad to fit your horse) Specifically, they tend to draw up their knees. This is not a good posture as it does not distribute the weight as uniformly as should be the case. Moreover, it also makes it difficult for you to bail out if and when the time comes.

  • #7: Slouching

This is a problem that mainly arises when the rider is nervous. It is the act of warping the back in such a way as the backbone is bow-shaped. Not only does it affect your balance, but it also contributes to misshaping the bones that make up the backbone.

  • #8: Stomping your feet into the stirrups

Yet many more people also tend to stomp their feet into the stirrup. This is entirely uncalled for as it primarily makes you uncomfortable. Moreover, it may also be dangerous, especially if you do not employ the proper boots or safety stirrups. The problem compounds when there is an emergency.

  • #9: Standing Tip-Toe

Horses are generally tall. As such, it may not always be possible or comfortable for a rider to mount on them comfortably. So, many often tend to stand on tiptoe to get higher. This is not encouraged as it makes it easier for you to lose your sense of balance and fall off.

  • #10: Gripping tightly using your legs

To be able to ride for a longer duration of time, you have to be in a state of absolute balance. So, you should avoid any issue likely to topple your balance. Gripping tight using your legs is one sure way of avoiding this. It compromises your balance by distributing your weight poorly. See here for top weight gain food for your horses.



While many new to horse riding will make at least one of the mistakes listed above, you are strongly advised to avoid them. Falling off the back of a horse at high speed is not something you would want to happen to you at all. Knowing about these mistakes and anticipating them is a sure way of getting started.

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