4 Ways to Determine How High a Horse Can Jump

If you have seen horses jumping, it is a magnificent sight. They can jump to various heights depending on several factors. Moreover, how high a horse can jump varies from one breed to the other. Some horses can jump much higher than others, reaching new heights with training.

The average horse jumps between two and three feet high with the proper encouragement, including food, a mate, or when they are scared. This article explores how high horses jump and what incentive they need to do so.

How High Can a Horse Jump?

Most horses can jump up to three feet high, but that also depends on how tall the horse is. Many shorter breeds can only clear two feet since their legs cannot go high enough to jump farther. Horses that are not trained to jump will need a reason to do so. Most of them jump due to being spooked, and they can clear long distances.

How High Can a Horse Jump

Trained horses can jump to a height of five to six feet. For example, Olympic competing horses can jump a minimum of 5.2 feet with a maximum width of 6.5 feet. The horses undergo intense training to get to the physique needed to clear such heights. They must compete through various fences with minimal to no faults to emerge victoriously.

The most significant competition for horses is the Grand Prix which requires horses to jump up to 5.3 feet, the highest required in any competition. It is the most challenging course that requires horses to be in top condition to clear obstacles.

The record for the highest jump is held by a horse called Huaso at the height of 8ft and 1.25. It happened at a competition in Chile in 1949. It is well known that competitive jumping horses can jump a height of six to seven feet, but no attempt has ever been made to beat this record.

Can Jumping Harm Horses?

It may not seem like it, but horse jumping requires a lot of energy and an excellent physique to land successfully. This is why horses need to undergo rigorous training to get into the best shape to do the jumps properly. When they leap, they land on their front feet, which are supposed to bear all their weight before the back land; therefore, they can easily injure themselves if they don’t execute the landing carefully.

Can Jumping Harm Horses

Jumping can injure horses who are not in the best physical condition; thus, it is essential not to force animals to do this exercise frequently without the correct practice.

Some injuries that horses can get when they jump include damage to the ligament, joints, and front foot injuries. These conditions can lead to serious leg problems that make it difficult for them to walk and, in some cases, even lameness. For this reason, it is essential to be careful when training horses to jump. It should be done by a professional who will ease them into it.

What Determines How High a Horse Jumps?

Not all horses have the same ability to jump high. Some horses have an advantage over others due to the various factors explored below.

What Determines How High a Horse Jumps


The breed is one of the main factors that determine why some horses can jump higher than others. Like people, horses come in various heights that may give them an advantage over others. For example, some breeds, like the Shetland, are shorter and cannot reach heights that a species like the Thoroughbred can. No matter how much training a horse gets, if they are of a short breed, it is unlikely that they will be very good at clearing courses.


On average, an untrained horse can jump only up to three feet. However, with frequent practice, the horse can double this height. Trainers should be knowledgeable about the breed and its needs as well as how to conduct exercise sessions. This is crucial for avoiding issues such as injuries that could make your prized horse lame. Additionally, a seasoned trainer will most likely bring out the best the horse has to offer.

Mental Strength

For a horse to clear a course full of gates and barriers, they need a lot of courage and mental strength, so they need to be in the right mental state to compete because when a horse is stressed, it may not clear the obstacles; however good the training was.


Training does not only help the horse become stronger; it works on technique as well. The horse should know how to approach obstacles and when to jump to clear the course. There are four primary points to check when a horse is jumping; takeoff speed, angle, height, and landing. When executed correctly, the animal can clear the gates with no problem.

Which Breeds Jump Highest?

As mentioned earlier, the horse breed has a lot to do with how well or high it jumps. The following are some of the breeds with the best clearance.

Which Breeds Jump Highest

Irish Sport Horse

This breed was initially bred to help fox hunters, but they have become good jumpers thanks to their athleticism and general physique. It is a multi-use horse with good speed and disposition, useful when jumping.

Irish Sport Horse


They bred the Holsteiner horse for jumping, so it is common to spot at competitions such as the Olympics. It has a good physique and excellent temperament, making it easily trainable for courses. It is strong and gentle, which makes it good with people, so few accidents involving this breed have occurred.



This horse has a little bit of everything, making it a unique yet easy breed to train for jumping. It is athletic with a light but a strong frame that makes it light on its feet and allows it to reach record-breaking speeds. It is common to find at races, but they are also trainable for jumping.


Dutch Warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood was specially bred for jumping, and according to their performance, they are the best horse for jumping competitions. It is an athletic breed that has good style with great dressage. In addition, they have a versatility that makes them trainable for different courses and has a good frame for speed. It is the latest warmblood breed but is one of the best.

Dutch Warmblood

Selle Francais

Bred in France, this is a common breed to spot on the French jumping team. It has grace, athleticism and you can easily train them for competitions. Its frame is perfect for jumping since it has the best slope and great power in the front and hind legs. It is also suitable for all riders, thanks to its great temperament.

Selle Francais

Horse jumping usually seems effortless for most animals, but a lot goes into achieving it successfully. With a good diet and training for strength and agility, horses can jump to almost twice their basic height. Breeds play a big part in determining the performance of the horses, but in the end, it depends on the individual horse.


As we have established above, horses can indeed jump, but how high they jump depends on a variety of factors. Now you can enjoy those magnificent creatures with a better understanding of how they do what they do!

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