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Scottish Horse Names

Scottish Horse Names

The horse breeds found in Scotland, Clyde valley are usually referred to as the Clydesdale horse. The Clydesdale horse breed as you can notice belong to a certain region of Scotland. Their number would eventually fall as they were bring used in the World war. Many of the Scottish horse names were taken from the …

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Latin Names for Horses

Latin Names for Horses

Choosing Latin names for horses shows your historical and inspirational mind.  Most of the people that love horse riding tend to use regional or Latin language in naming their horses instead of using common horse names associated with the breed.  Many of us tend to have difficulties when finding the best Latin name for our …

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How long does it take to break a horse

How Long Does It Take to Break a Horse?

Breaking your horse can be quite an intense and difficult task since horses have different behavior and traits just like us, human beings. This means that different horses will not only react to instructions differently but also take lessons differently when it comes to learning. Many horse owners, especially the new ones, have been wondering …

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How long can a horse run before it dies

How Long Can a Horse Run Before It Dies?

Regardless of the power and strength that horses hold, they obviously need enough water, food supply, and water every day to maintain their overall health status and performance. Therefore, this beast requires maximum attention in terms of health and nutrition to ensure they don’t fall ill or even end up dying if health issues get …

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How do wild horses float their teeth

How Do Wild Horses Float Their Teeth?

Just like human beings, horses need their teeth checked and maintained to keep their teeth formation since floating grounds have uneven and sharp parts on the horse’s teeth. Wild horses undergo the floating process naturally during their day-to-day feeding. A horse ranging from five to twenty years of age required an annual teeth floating process …

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